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Need Help

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Okay, I am 5'9 140lbs and I'm looking for a pair of skis. I ski at stratton VT 80% of the time, and the rest is out west. I am a good skier everywhere but the bumps, where I am decent and trying to improve. I basically want a ski with great hardpack/ice grip and that is good in the bumps. Good in powder is a plus, but its not as important as the other two.
I think my budget for skis only is around $400 (maybe $500). I was looking at skis from last year at plaines.com and untracked.com, and I saw the T-Power Viper X PPS for $318. Ski mag said it was number one in the bumps last year, which is why I want it. I am also looking at the Volkl's (maybe G2 energy) at the same site. This place is really convenient for me (its on my way up to vermont), but I don't want to buy a worse ski for convenience.

So.. Here is what I have looked at..
K2 Axis X/Axis XP/Pro/XR - From what I have gathered the plain x looks best for me
Dynastar Ski Cross/Speed SX/ Carve - Is the Skicross all it is made out to be? I demoed the SX and liked it.
Rossignol Viper X - I am favoring it.. 174's or 181's?
Volkl G2 energy/p40/p50/g3 - Kinda lost here.. ski mag liked the g2.
Atomics - I am really lost here. Help me out with these.

Any help that anyone can give would be appreciated. I am goin back and forth. Help!
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Now I am thinking about the atomic 11.20's. They seem a good fit. How do they compare to the Vipers or the Axis x and the other skis?
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I just had the Atomic 11:20 and 10:20 out for a test drive on Friday. Both in a 170, For bumps go with the 10:20. The 10:20 has a slightly softer flex then the 11:20 It by far out proformed the 11:20 in bumps. It did just about as well in cut up snow as the 11:20. Where The 11:20 excelled in long turns edge grip. For fast runs on just about any snow condition the 11:20 can't be beat.It had a great sure footed feel at speed. The 11:20 is an all around wonderful ski. But for me The 10:20 was more versatile. The 10:20 also feels vary secure at speed just not as sucure as the 11:20. If improving in bumps were high on my list I would go with the 10:20.
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Has anybody skied on the rossignols? I am pretty sure I will get the viper x's now. Unless somebody tells me that the axis x or ski cross are better.
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Just a note: Skis with real good edge grip must be fairly stiff to be able to have the ability to grip on hard snow and ice. This is not a quality you want in a good bump ski. A good bump ski must be flexible to be able to conform to the bump, valley, bump valley shape on the mogul runs.

Since most of your skiing is done in the East, perhaps you might want to stick with the stiff gripper this year and look for a good bump ski at the end of the season or next year.

PS. Head have got some very good reviews on their edge gripping ability. I skied their XP100 last year and they have made basically the same ski this year with the addition of the intelligence fibres, making it grip even better when pushed hard. However, they are not cheap. ( Of course, there are no cheap skis anymore)

A Suggestion: Since we Canadians are just about giving money away to you American neighbors and you are not that far from Montreal, you could probably save some money by taking a little trip up there. Example: Your dollar is worth $1.50 in Canada.

Take a look at www.skiisandbikes.com (no I don't work there, I just found their website one day while surfing)

If you do find a deal in Canada, would you mind PMing me and let me know how much you saved. I would like the info for my mental file.

Hope this is some help to you. Have a good season!
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If you want ice hold - try some Stockli race skis.....

but be warned - need to ski agressively on these....
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I'd keep well south of 180cms on whatever ski you buy. The Vipers are terrific skis. If you are still thinking about Atomic, give the SX:11 and the 9.12s a try - you'll like 'em at least as much as the Rossis.

Have a good season on whatever you end up buying!
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I own a pair of Viper X PPS. I absolutely love the ski. It is quick & nimble. It can crank short, fast turns as well as hold long sweeping GS turns at high speed. It does great on Montana ice but I have no idea about how well it does on real ice.

It performs okay in a couple inches of powder and would do as well as the Dynastars or G2s in powder. The Axis X's are way better in powder and crud, though.

As for size, I am 5' 11", 175# and ski it in a 181cm. My son who is 21, 5' 11", 165# preferred the 174cm. He worked in a demo shop in Sugar Bowl last year which carried Rossignol, Salomon & Volkl. He said the Viper X was the most popular ski with the shop staff last season for groomed conditions.
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hey rio, you know what the difference between montana ice and vermont ice is?

you can sink a pole into montana ice!

kind of like the difference between talc and diamonds on the moh scale!

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