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Where you goin this year?

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I'm a newby here and love this site. Just wondering where everyone is skiing this year? I live in Utah and the snow is really primo this year. I have about 25 days in so far and have spent most of them at Snowbasin. Park City, Deer Valley and Brighton here in UT and also did 3 days at Targhee. Going to Vail in March for the 1st time. I don't mean to rub it in I'm just really glad that I moved here from L.A. 18 years ago though I miss the Dodger games.
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Welcome, oh iron clad male ,

Actually, I'm from the mid atlantic and headed to Silverton and Telluride this coming Wednesday.
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steelman, welcome to EpicSki! Don't be a stranger...

Lucky you! I'm not sure I'd come to Vail from Utah this year. While the snow here in Colorado is really good, it's nothing in comparison to Utah.

That said, I'm skiing primarily Copper, Breck, and Keystone this year, although I plan to get over the Vail and Beaver Creek soon. I also plan to ski A Basin well into the spring. I hit Loveland early in the season, but won't likely be back there until next year...
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Welcome, steelman!

When in March? Skier_j, myself, and Lisamarie will be skiing Vail on Friday, March 4. Care to join us if that's the day?

We're doing 5 days in Colorado with Breckenridge, Copper (Gravity Games!!!), Vail and Keystone on the hit list. Whee!!!!!
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Locally Wintergreen in Va....It's a nice little place here.

Maybe Windham in NY State one more time.

Summit County Colorado, Vail and Beaver Creek in early April.

steelman---welcome to Epic
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Bonni, PM me about the other days. I'm guiding some of those days, but may be able to make it (now that I've decided I can't meet Phil in Jackson ).
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Roger, ssh....when the schedule is etched in stone, I shorely will!
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Vail & Beaver Creek 3/18-25, with a day at Breck in there somewhere. 3/26 at Copper/ Keystone/Loveland (kids are still debating which one).
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Coach13, let's hook up while you're out here!
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Welcome steelman from an old steelworker. My brood will be coming to see you the week after next. Actually we are staying at Brighton and will be skiing there, Solitude and we'll head over to LCC to ski Alta/Bird.

I skied Snowbasin about five years ago and I loved it. Unfortunately, a trip toward Ogden is not in the plans.
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Jackson Hole next week.
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Welcome Steelman! SSH, Uncle Louie has been asking me for an OHG contact #. My students keep forgetting to bring it to me. Can you help him out? Thanks!
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Today had to drive but found enough snow (Poconos) to get my 20th day of xc in for the year, It's here but it wasn't easy! (missed 2wks of good stuff due to injury)
Thurs - 1/2 day Alta
Friday - Powder Mtn
Sat - Snowbasin
Sun - 2/3 day Snowbird - best for last.
at least that's the plan
April 2nd Trip
4/2 - Snowbasin - kids love it, hit it first
4/3 - Alta - staying at Alta for 1st time
4/4 - Snowbird
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Hey! We're heading to Snowbasin on Friday. Probably do two days there and hit The Canyons and Solitude (or Alta, or DV, or.... whatever, it's all good). I'll be going to Utah again eight days after this trip to ski with an old college buddy. Definitely Alta, probably the Bird and then maybe... whatever is good at the time. After that, a trip to Aspen in early March with my ski shop group. Oh yeah, possibly an employee demo day at Wisp on March 6th. Anyone who can or wants to meet Skichick70 and I at any of these places, please give us a shout!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Welcome Steelman! SSH, Uncle Louie has been asking me for an OHG contact #. My students keep forgetting to bring it to me. Can you help him out? Thanks!
Just PM'd him:

OHG International:

OHG Copper:
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Steelman: Utah skiing is always phenom! Congratulations!

This year we're doing (or have done):
1) Sun Peaks - twice so far - the new PNW darling
2) Silver Star - another PNW alternative
3) Whistler - I'll succumb to a weekend there
4) Lake Tahoe in March
5) Banff and Lake Louise in April.

Yes, I do have a job - fortunately, with flexible timing.
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Went to Sun Peaks with the Captain and a bus load of others and am headed to Silver Star on Monday. Otherwise I've been bashing the local rocks.
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LM and ssh----Thanks guys

See you guys in April
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being from FL..... my skiing is all done with the first lift being the Airplane....have skiied at Gore MT in NY several times this winter already.

that said answer to the question ----

Sunshine Village and Lake Louise in April --- 16th-23rd
(i am hoping the snow will stillbe good then)
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Thanks for all the luv. 0600 Sunday in Ogden and it is raining @5000ft but I'm sure it is snowing at Snowbasin. They have not updated their site for today yet. Did not go on Sat.but thinking about it today.
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By the way I will be in Vail starting 3/24 for 5 days. Wifes family comes out from the East Coast to ski every year and they chose Vail this time. Brotherinlaw gets corporate deal on Lift Tickets for the whole group so I cant complain. Will post a snowbasin report later today.
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I'm with Uncle Louie. Wintergreen is the closest decent place to home. My wife and I were in Breck for a week in mid-December. I'll be in Summit/Eagle Counties with Uncle Louie again in April!

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