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any thoughts on atomic SX7 or fischer RX6 or 4

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:I'm an intermediate who skis mainly in Wi and upper UP. and have looked at reviews of quite a few skis and am wondering has anyone had any experience with either of these. The review of the RX6 makes it sound better suited to someone wanting to get to advanced. I ski mostly blues with the kids. Have skied blacks but better suited to blues. thanks for any help
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saza, welcome to EpicSki!

I think that the RX6 would be a good ski for you, given where you like to ski and how. You may also want to look at the Elan S8 as an option. Will you be able to demo?
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Figured I'd chime in on this one. I started the season on an Atomic SX7 (2003-2004 year) and did about 12 ski days on them (primarily at Greek Peak in central New York where I am, but I did get a chance to bring them up to Killington, Sunday River, and Gore Mountain). I hadn't skied in about 4 years, and went from relearning things on greens to comfortably skiing blacks (as long as there weren't massive bumps).

The SX7 is a good ski, but from what I understand, it's not in the same league as the RX6 (think of the SX7 as more of a beginner/intermediate ski, while the RX6 is more of an intermediate/advanced ski). I actually just moved up to skiing a Fischer RX8, and am absolutely loving it (even though, some people recommended I check out the RX6 also). I think the SX9 would probably line up more favorably with the Fischer from what I've heard. I found the SX7 to have a tendency to wash out some in sharp turns, and the amount of flex in the ski made skiing bumps and uneven terrain very difficult. I also found it downright disconcerting if you had your weight come off the ski (whether deliberately jumping or just hitting things at speed). I felt like it was really hard to know how the ski was going to handle when it made full contact with the snow again. The Device 3:11 binding on the SX7 was also a sore point for me, it was a pain to work with and adjust, and transmitted tons of vibration from the ski right into your legs. I'm not sure how the binding on the 2004-2005 model would compare though.

I know the railflex system on the RX6 is not quite as elaborate as that on the RX8 and RX9, but these are great bindings (I preferred it greatly to the Rossi one I demoed while skiing some Z5s). Hope those thoughts help!

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The railflex system on the Rx6 and Rx8 are the same. And yes, you're right, the Rx6 is for an intermediate looking to go advanced
The Atomic SX9 would be a better choice than the Sx7. Have you looked into the Atomic C9?
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Elan M8 or S8 also nice possibilities.
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I usually don't comment on equipment questions, but I'm an intermediate who has just demoed a few skis, including the RX6 and the Elan S8. I have no experience with the Atomic SX7. Also demoed a Metron M:9 at 171 -- I liked it but found it to be too much work for me when making short turns, should have tried the 164 perhaps but it was out. Tried K2 Omni 5.5s; I think the tune was bad cause they always get solid reviews and well, I'll just chalk it up to a bad tune. I really liked both the RX6 and S8 and don't think either would be too much ski for you. Turn initiation with both was very easy, both felt solid and fun. In terms of skiing performance I'd say the RX6 maybe had a tad better edge grip while the S8 was perhaps a tad more forgiving of skidding, but both were easy to ski and FUN! Biggest difference was feel. To me, the RX6 felt more like a sports car that lets you feel every little bump in the road while the S8s felt more like a luxory sedan that felt smoother. Think I would've been happy with either ski but went with the S8 since I'm an old fart.
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