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Anyone been to Loon this week?

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RSN is showing a huge drop in the base at Loon. See http://tinyurl.com/4cnxs I know they had rain. Anyone with firsthand information? Thanks!
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I skied Loon on Sunday and it was not very good. Bulletproof hardpack and the entire mountain was groomed flat. Point your skis downhill and you were going around 70 mph in about 2 seconds. Lots of scratchy icy conditions. I was not aware of any rain but it certainly would make sense. They just don't have much snow up there.

On the flatter parts there was maybe 2" of packed powder on top of the hardpack but all in all it wasn't a great day.

We pretty much stayed on the top part of the mountain (north peak?) and had real fast runs all day. Not bad but not good either. Wish we went to VT as the reports coming out of Stowe, MRG are "epic".
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