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I'm 5'11, 225, my 9.12s are 160. I doubt at my weight that 150 would be the best, but a guy at my local hill got the 150s and loves them(he is 6'0,about 175). If you like quick turning, hard carves, stability this is a great ski. It works very well at slow speed, but really shines when you crank them.
One area that should be addressed, the tails!!!! If you get in the back seat you will pay for it!!!!! Stay centered and they are a blast.
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Hey, Wink... Euclide is my fvorite mathematician of all times. I love math (geometry, especially). I purchased these skis following some advice from diff. experienced skiers. I wasn't a member of this fine forum at that time I see that opinions on this topic are devided but I'll tell you guys what I think of them tomorrow when I'll try them out for the first time.
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