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Whistler drought

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I know people are saying that's it's not as bad as you would think, but the 2 week forecast is for warmer than normal and no precip for the next 2 weeks. That would mean about 4 inches of snow for the whole month of February. Anybody know anything about any breaks to this weather pattern. I go to Whistler in 3.5 weeks. Usually I wouldn't worry, but I'v never seen a snow drought like this.
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You know I wonder if this snow drought has anything to do with Mt. St. Helens? Everyone talks about global warming and what not but that eruption caused far more pollution than anything we humans can do:

believe it or not one of the ads on that page is an advertisement for Whistler dispelling the no snow notion, how ironic!
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Maui Steve, did you make it up to Sierra last week? No snow or travel problems, and you just missed the fresh powder by this much; but conditions should have been decent.
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You are on target in questioning possible conditions this Spring. Many of the coastal and low lying resorts of the west ride through March on the remnants of winter. With us now entering the last week of Feb. and there not being significant residual from deep winter snowfalls, significant risks will be factoring themselves into skiing conditions. Even if winter lingers for a bit, the warming and cooling cycles associated with jet stream movements this time of year could prove disastrous to ski conditions.

....Now, more than ever; you should do your best to book at the last minute when conditions are known! Those pesky 'Indian Summers' skiers love late in the season might very well turn thin ski slopes into beautiful rock gardens.
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Anybody hear the story about Whistler on NPR's "Marketplace" yesterday? I listened to it while driving home from my Friday ski trip. On one bare-spotted trail, they mentioned that they normally have over 1.5 meters of snow in normal years!

The story was focusing on global warming and how Whistler is preparing for it. Apparently, their long term solution is to cut trails at higher altitudes. Not sure if even that would have helped this year. Real shame.

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I was there a week ago and it wasn't that bad. However, if what you're saying is true, I'd try to get out of your trip if possible based on the horrible base that had on the bottom 1/3 of the mountain. If you can't, don't worry - the upper part of the mountian should be fine.

Edit - "wasn't that bad" for a NorthEast resident!
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