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New B3s

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I'm picking up my new 2006 B3s tomorrow. 83mm underfoot. Should be a great all mountain Whistler ski.

My only concern is the size: 168 cm. I am 5'7" 160 lbs.

Anyone have thoughts whether this is too short?
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What are the total dimensions on the new B3? I've heard various reports.
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120 83 110 I believe, but I'll confirm tomorrow.
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yup,120-83-110 is correct.have skiied mine 3 times now.5'7" 180lbs on 176cm mounted with freerides.much better edge hold than my 2nd year xxx,and quite stiffer than this years b3.great in crud,windslab and variable dust on crust.have not got to ski any pow yet, maybe this sunday.they are definetly a great all mountain ski.
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I got the 68s. First day on the slopes today and so far, so good. The short length will take some getting used to but I think I probably made the right choice (my Xscream Series were 179s). For those who care, the new cosmetics are sweet.

Surprisingly good edge to edge on the groomers, and gripped reasonably well off piste. There wasn't any pow today and we're not expecting any this week so I'll report back in a few weeks.
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