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Hobacks easiest route

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We're heading to JH tomorrow, it's our first time. We're interested in the whole mountain but I'm curious about the Hoback area. Most of our group are competent skiers. I skiied everything that Alta had to offer but some of our group aren't quite as adventurous as I. Is there a less challenging route down the Hobacks to get acclimated? The majority of us like to keep our skis in contact with the snow, no "hucking". Thanks for any info.
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beware of death cookies a couple thousand feet of them

the hobacks could turn into some of the most "adventurous" skiing of your lifetime, esp if you go in a cold morning after it's was bakin the day before
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stay on north facing slopes if it's anything like 2 weeks ago. Lots of fun stuff all over the mountain. Hobacks are by no means even close to the hardest stuff on the mountain.
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No jumping required nearly anywhere on the Hobacks. There are a few rocks around that you *could* jump if you were looking for them, but there are literally dozens of lines down that won't be any steeper (in fact less steep) than much of Alta.

For the "easiest" lines down the Hobacks, you'll want to head skier's right toward South Hoback. There are no real signs anywhere on the Hobacks, so you won't know you're on South Hoback versus North Hoback except by virtue of the fact that skier's right is South and skier's left is North.

As you ski down Rendezvous Trail, you'll come to a cat-track traverse going right. This is the entrance to the Hobacks. Ski down this a couple hundred yards and you'll come to the end of the cat track right at the top of the Hobacks. The first few dozen tours are usually VERY mogully. Just make your way down this as best you can and it'll start to open out with tracks (and skiers) angling both right and left. If you start angling right at this point, you'll eventually see the boundary ropes that mark the right-hand side of South Hoback. The "easiest" line down the Hobacks is about 50 yards left of this rope line. You'll go down an open mini-bowl and then drop through some widely-spaced trees (moguls again). After those trees, start angling a little left and you'll come out onto a more open area again that will eventually drop you out at the cat-track traverse that leads left back to the chairlift back to the Village base.

Also, back up near the top, angling left will take you out onto North Hoback. This is a bit steeper than South (near the boundary ropes), but might have a little better snow quality if it's been sunny and warm. North is also more open and you won't run into the little tree band that crosses South about halfway down.

If you get onto the Hobacks and the skiing really sucks, you can just make huge shallow traverses and lose elevation that way. The Hobacks are very wide and you can just traverse around looking for smoother or better snow.

Good luck,

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I've seen videos of Corbetts and there is no way I'd try something like that but we like tree skiing and the Hobacks look inviting.
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