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I'm tossing around the idea of selling my Dynastar Legend 8800 (178cm). If anyone is interested let me know what you might be willing to offer. I think I want something with a little more heft - I'm on a little Volant kick right now - I'm thinking of getting the Chubbs (which I've found cheap) to compliment my Machete Souls... I'm either going to sell the Legends or have the bindings moved back and a shim put under the toe-peice in an attempt to improve powder performance.

They've been used for parts of about 6 or 7 days - bases are great - the top of one ski has a little half-inch triangular chunk knocked out courtesy of Southwest Airlines (no effect to performance). They currently have Rossi Axial 140s mounted for my 315mm boots (they should fit 305 - 325 or more w/ no remount) - but I wouldn't mind keeping the bindings if someone just wants the ski.

Just throwing it out there - If anyone is interested either reply here or you can email me direct @