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Warm Enough??

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I am hitting Vail next week and picked up some new gear (based on my browsing this forum) but was wondering if it would be enough to keep me warm. Looks like the temps have been around 10-20 F.

I have Patagonia MW Capilene top/bottom. A Patagonia R2 fleece and an XCR jacket and, of course, ski pants.

Sorry for the noob question but I haven't been skiing in several years and was taken aback at how thin the gear has gotten so thought I'd asked more experienced people. Thanks.
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Mr. Zero, you will be toasty in that, especially here in Colorado. No worries.

BTW, welcome to EpicSki!
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Thanks for the help! We S. Louisiana boys don't handle the cold too well so I just wanted to check my math.
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With that gear you should be fine, but at 10F with some wind at the top, you might be bordering on the cold side. However, it is Colorado we are talking about and not the Northeast. We ski here down to about -10F at the base, -20F at the top. You would freeze "them" off without more protection than that ... which is why I worry just a little when wind chill if factored in at 10F.

If you are a Louisiana boy, and you have not been skiing in some years, can I also recommend: (a) a helmet - they help keep you nice and warm as well as provide protection; (b) those neck gaiters with the hood to go under the helmet; and (c) neoprene face mask -- I just got a new one made my Giro (I think!) that is just great. I too had taken a 7 or so year break in skiing and was totally amazed how far things had moved. And you forget about things like frostbite (again at -10 to -20, you cover every square millimeter of skin).. Have a great time -- I love Vail.
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Jurisproodenz, I hadn't thought about the helmet and balaclava, but you're right about them. They make a big difference. I can't imagine skiing with a face mask in Colorado...

Mr. Zero, you have bought just about the best possible layering system that I can imagine. In fact, you have exactly my current wish list (Patagonia Primo Jacket/Pants [XCR], R2 fleece, and either MW or LW Capilene)! You'll be plenty warm, I think. Especially if you're working even a little bit as you ski.

Looks like highs in the 30s next week, with a bit of snow...
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