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Advice on new skis

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HEY guys im looking for some advice on what i should get. Im 6- 2 215 and ski in the east. i ski in everything- trees groomers bumps crud- anything. i demoed the b1's in 184cm last week and like them in the woods and they were soft enough on the bumps. the next day i tried the monster 75's (177cm) with the chip and liked how they were quite a bit stiffer and they plowed through anything. i didnt like them quite as much in the woods (they just werent as easy) but they were very nice on the groomers and dug into anything. any suggestions on what type of ski i should get after demoing of course. my uncle suggests the volkl 724 exp or pro (probably in 177cm)- what do you guys think?
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calvindog1, welcome to EpicSki!

Have you reviewed some of the other threads in here? There are a number of guys with similar desires who have been in threads here just recently. Probably worth a scan and then come back with some specifics.
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I would try the volkl 6 stars on a demo 175's but be warned they are habit forming!!

"He who hesitates skis crud!!"
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My favorite all mountain is the Atomic Metron B5.
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