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Anatomy Of A 100 Ft Huck

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Absofreakingloutely nuts! Terminal velocity!? Wow!
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I often wondered why you never saw a skier "stick" the landings in all those ski movies when they hucked the big drops. I guess better to absorb the impact rather than feel like a car hitting a brick wall w/o a seat belt. Check out MSP 2000 flick "Ski Movie", for one of Holden's 100 foot drops. I'll stick to any thing that isn't taller than me, thank you very much.
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I find Hugo Harrison pretty impressive, he hucks pretty huge air and skis out pretty smoothly. >100 feet is impressive but doesn't seem so much to skiing like me, since it's not part of a bigger line usually.
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Great link! Thanks.
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wow they talked about 'terminal velocity" that and skiing dont usualy go together..... thats really scary.
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