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Which Tahoe Resort has the best views?

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Hey all, after reading some posts and seeing some different opinions as to which Lake Tahoe resort has the best views I wanted to see what the consensus might be. So for those of you that have been to Tahoe and those that ski it regularly which resort has the best views of the lake?

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I think "view of the lake" award is unanimously given to Diamond Peak.

That said, many others have fantastic views as well.
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I can see Diamond Peak from my house but I've never skied there (it makes for a nice view from home though). I also haven't skied Heavenly yet, but pretty much everywhere else around here and the best views I've seen are at Homewood. The view of the lake is so expansive it feels like you're skiing right into it.
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Heavenly has the best views in my opinion, but I'd rather ski a better mountain with slightly worse views.

The view of the lake as you ascend the Gunbarrel chair is unmatched. The view of the entire Tahoe region from the peak as you traverse from CA to NV is breathtaking. The mountain, however, has...issues. I despise Heavenly's layout. It's extremely compartmentalized which makes top-to-bottom runs nearly impossible and creates massive bottlenecks of skiers in certain areas.

The views from the north shore, at Squaw and Alpine, aren't quite as impressive, given the 5 or so miles from their bases to the lake, but they are still breathtaking and the mountains are far superior.

Surprisingly, though, the Tahoe view that sticks the most in my memory was a warm April day near Incline Village. Heavenly was clearly visible some 20 miles across the lake but that's not necessarily impressive. What sticks in my mind was the fact that the bumps on Gunbarrel were visible from that far away.
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I haven't skied there, but I believe Homewood has pretty good lake views. It's a smaller mountain, though.
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I vote for Diamond Peak also.

We ski Sugar Bowl, Alpine, and Squaw.

But when we want great views at a fun family place we head for Diamond Peak.
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bump, I leave this saturday!
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When the sky is as blue as it was today, and the snow is as deep (12" at Alpine), the views anywhere are good!
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Views I vote for Heavenly.

Views + skiing, I'd probably take Alpine. Sometimes catching a glimpse of the lake through the trees off Sherwood is just as breathtaking as seeing the whole darn thing from the gunbarrel chair at Heavenly.
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I've said it before in other threads- Homewood's the best! Great views, no crowds. Why don't you try them all and give us your East Coast opinion?
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If you are talking about lake views, by far the best is Homewood.

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I figure to start our trip off at Homewood so we can really see how beautiful the lake really is. Thanks for the advice bears!
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The Lake Tahoe view from the top of Quail Face at Homewood (see photo on homepage of www.skihomewood.com) is amazing. Also check out the photo gallery section of the Homewood website for more views from various Homewood trails. Homewood has a pretty decent weekday M-Th ticket price of $25 with further discounts for multiday skiing.

The Lake Tahoe view from the California side (Aerial Tramway/Gunbarrel Express) at Heavenly is excellent. The mountain snapshots section of the Heavenly website has some pictures www.skiheavenly.com/audio_visual/snapshots/
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6" of new (deeper on northerly aspects) at Homewood today, the view was amazing from the top of Quail Face!
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