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Marker SpeedPoint bindings - Pros and Cons?

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Considering buying a used pair of boards which come mounted with a set of Marker Speed Point bindings (the kind with a dial in the center which, when you turn it, moves both tail and toe pieces in tandem to adjust them to different sized boots). They are about 2 years old maybe... Just wandering what are the pros - or Cons - of these bindings? How good - or BAD - are they, really?

Thanks for any input.
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MiguelATF, they are standard Marker bindings with the SpeedPoint mounting system for demos. The advantage is that they are easily adjusted for different boot lengths. The disadvantage is that they are a bit heavier. They may have a bit more lift, too (I can't remember off the top of my head).
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One big disadvantage of the speedpoint mounting system is that the earlier versions had a design flaw that meant the heelpiece would detach from the mounting rails and fall off the ski. They were recalled but there may still be some of them floating around. See this page for more info on the recall and how to identify if the bindings you are looking at are affected.
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All cons. No pros.
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I agree with troutman
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I didn't mind them on some demo skis I had. I enjoyed the extra lift (they were on carving skis). They did add weight but it was underfoot so you didn't notice it much when skiing. The bindings worked fine and actually helped dampen the ski in icy conditions. I wouldn't opt to have them if I had a choice but I wouldn't bypass a good deal on demo skis because they have them.
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If you like the way they ski and the bindings are in good condition, go for it if the price is right. The negative that I see with demo bindings in general is that they have more moving parts for the adjustment feature, which means more possible things to wear out or break. If they haven't been abused and don't have a lot of wear, (and are installed properly) this shouldn't be a problem. After all, these bindings are designed to be safe for people who are renting or demoing skis. The negative that I see with the SpeedPoint in particular is that its mounting plate can modify the performance of the ski by stiffening the middle of the ski. You'll notice this more on softer and shorter skis. If you've already skied them this way and you like the way they ski then this is not an issue.

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I don´t think they are not good but the disadvantage of all systems where both the toe and heel move simultaneously is the impossibility to position the skier more fore or aft.
It mostly plays no role in intermediates but a better skier would sometimes like to experiment.
They go up to DIN 14 which is good.
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I bid  on a Marker m900 speedpoint to replace my marker m31 broken. Plus I see a few marker speedpoint 9.0 demo's for sale too. I hope this will be a okay cheap binding for my backup ski's.

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I change my mind on the marker bindings and looking for newer bindings like Salomon & Look.

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