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First time in Park City - what to do????

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Posted this in another thread but wrong title....

Next weekend I will be flying to Utah for the first time to ski in Deer Valley from Saturday to Tuesday and I would appreciate some tips for first timer Park City and Utah visitors. I have skied Tahoe and a few West resorts but mostly in the East as I live in NYC, but never Utah. So this will be a new experience for me and I want to maximize every single SECOND while I am there.

I will be staying at a Lodge in Park City and just stay at Deer Valley (where the company sponsoring group will mostly be skiing). My wife is a beginner (skied two times in life) and so are the children (3 and 6) so I might get some lessons for them while I do my thing. Would appreciate suggestions on how to do that too.

Thanks for all your comments.

p.s. If you need any help or opinions about road bikes I can help. Been riding and racing for more than 20 years and have a lot too share. Skiing is cross training for me.
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If you're skiing DV, head over to Mayflower lift and get in the trees. Some good powder over there. Also, the Empire Canyon area is good.

Good cruisers are found off of Sultan and Wasatch Express, right next to Mayflower.

Have fun...enjoy the powder if you get any!
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I know if I was going to DV, there's one thing I'd be sure and not miss: A chance to ski with ydnar.

PM him and set up some lessons for you and your wife. He'd make you a better skier and get the wife started on the right path.
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Not to be missed: Skiers Buffet at Stein's for lunch. Tip--skip breakfast that day ...and dinner, too!
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Check out the Fireside dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge. I believe they have it only on certain days but it is a very unique dining experience.
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Latest update with addition

Okay, so far here is my list:

- Do not check in boots (carry it on) if flying Delta.
- Contact ydnar and set-up lessons for me and wife.
- See Brent at Christy Sports for adjustments needed
- Also try Jans on corner of Park Ave and Deer Valley drive.

Possible skiing runs:
- Mayflower and / or Sultan for possible powder runs
- Wasatch Express (next to Mayflower) and / or Sultan for good cruisers.
- Empire Canyon as another good cruiser area.

Park City eats:
- Skip breakfast but don’t miss Skiers Lunch Buffet at Stein Eriksen.
- Check out Fireside dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge.
- St Bernards resturant at the Inn at Solitude Mountain Resort.
- Seafood Dinner Buffet at Snow Park Lodge
- Grappa at top of Main Street,
- Zoom at bottom of Main Street

Salt Lake City eats:
- Tuscanny at SLC
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I always see this recommended here as a can't miss at Deer Valley: Seafood Dinner Buffet @ DV's Snow Park Lodge.
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Rent a ride and visit the REAL temple.......


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I second making a pilgramige to Alta- the begginers area is the best in Utah because it is a large gladed basin with it's own lift so there are no superfast skiers screaming through on their way down from someplace else. And the expert stuff, some of us like to think, is the best around.
Try Taste of Saigon on lower Main Street in P.C., Blind Dog in Prospecter Square, or Windy Ridge behind Albertsons.
We love (my family) Deer Valley and Alta ski schools. And DV has the best childcare in the country for tiny ones- at $88 a day- that's about what a babysitter costs in my town.
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Everybody else's suggestions sound great but I have one more - after a long day of skiing, find one of those "State Liquor Stores." They have the REAL stuff!
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If you've got the rental ride head to Snow Basin for an off the beaten path treat. The Lodges blow DV away without the glitz, and the open boundry policy in Strawberry Fields on a good pow day is tough to beat, and pow lines are always available on Philpot Ridge if you stay high and to the right on the ridge.
Plus easy groomers for your kids and wife to play on.....
Or....... really go "back in the day" and head to Powder Mountain and sample the snow cat skiing for an additional seven bucks a ride plus your lift ticket, in a bowl totally dedicated to cat skiing. Fresh line weeks after a dump.
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Wow every one is doing my job for me, considering i'am the DV expert. But they all forgot the most important thing,,,,,,,
The State Liquor store. One is located on Main Street, the other in Prospector Square.
If your Staying at the Lodges at Deer Valley, their shuutle should be able to take you there. If not the local bus system is the best out of any ski town..
You say your company has you there for meetings, by chance would it be from a company called The Game Of work? www.gameofwork.com.
If so you will enjoy the meetings, i know the person who runs it.
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Wow, I have got to write all these things down.... by the start of the week (since my trip is not scheduled until Feb 25).

My company and sponsor set us up (whole family) for air fair, for four days at Stein Eriksen, ski rentals and lifts, dinners and some group lessons. Indeed it is a fantastic package but we do a LOT OF BUSINESS with the sponsor so what they are spending is just an speck compared to what they earn from us.

Anyways, thanks everyone and I will try to make a decent compilation by the start of the week so everyone can read it and use it as a guide.
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Cyclist... Just spent a week in Park City, skied Park City and Deer Valley. It was like an Endless Summer of Skiing. Yea, I was thinking of of getting into the backcountry. But you know, I thought... this is a vacation and I wasn't going to leave my wife alone on the slopes. Before leaving on the trip I thought I would drop my wife at a lesson while I found the back slopes, but it just didn't work that way. So I just stayed with easy going rec skiing.

All these ski areas are really spread out and it would take half a day to get to the Mayflower lift.

Deer Valley is special... those aren't million dollar homes lining the runs, they are $6 - $10 million dollar homes. Deer Valley doesn't allow snowboards. Technically, Deer Valley limits the number of skiers on the hill, you can get advance lift tickets if needed (perhaps on the weekend).

From the parking lot on the lower lodge... grab a the parking lot shuttle or else you have a long walk. Remember where you left your car. Go through the "tunnel" up through the lodge... After you warm up on the bunny hills.. grab the Carpenter Express lift up the hill and take your family down Success Run. Success is a Green run, but you can ski it pretty fast if you want. The scenery is gorgeous. We got blue skies and sunshine all week.

The Blue runs can have some pretty long steep shots. If a sign says "easier", it's a cat track. If you break up into groups or separate from family members, it's useful to use FRS radios to keep in touch. If it's sunny, it can be a little warm during the day, colder higher up on the hill. As soon as the sun goes down it get colder so bundle up at night.

The base of Deer Valley is at 7,200 feet and you can go as high as 9,570 feet. There can be some dramatic views from up there.

One of the fun things we did was an evening horse and sleigh ride up the Park City Ski slope to the Snowed Inn for dinner with real Utah cowboys. I underestimated how cold it could get at night. http://www.snowedinnsleigh.com/

We had lots of time between checkout and our flight, so we drove out to Antelope Island State Park on the Great Salt Lake about 25 minutes north of Salt Lake City. That was pretty nice.

Some good links:
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Please do not follow the suggestion of ski as fast as you want down Sucess. This is the major way down the lower moutain, and it does get a lot of ski instructor with classes. Yes Patrol does watch it closely, from spots located along the way. They will clip your your ticket if they decide you have been skiing to fast for a designated slow skiing zone. Large ornage banners from the top, all the way along to the bottom.
Don't ruin your day by getting 'pulled over'.

other things to do, hit some of the night life on Main Street. Dining, dancing, shopping.
Go out to the Olympic sports park, and visit one of the event site for the 2002 Winter Olympics. This was where the ski jumping, Luge and Bobsled event was held. They have tours open to the public, and if they have the space, you culd take a ride on the fast track, aka the Bobsled.
There is also a museum dedicated to the skiing history of Utah, as well as the 2002 Winter Olympics. Down in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah is the main Olympic Muiseum. Along with the torch. They left it standing, and do light it on speical events. To costly to keep light all the time.
Smomobile tours just minutes from the Park City area, tat will pick you up and drop you off.
if your in for an adventure, take the Utah Inter Connect. Guides will meet you at Deer Valley, and take you and others along the 'short cut to the 5 other resorts , all with a stones throw of Deer Valley., Then at the end, drive you back to DV. it ends at Snowbird.
Have fun and remebr to ski slow in posted zones. You wouldn't want to hit some one or something.
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Drive to Alta
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...Ski fast is a relative term... I meant not skiing slow. On Deer Valley - Success for example, I would watch my wife make little S - turns until she was almost out of site. Then I would ski regular to catch up to her. Let's call it cruising. I saw Safety Patrol all over the place and lots of orange banners and I slowed down for each one of them.

I make it a point to ski carefully - no sense in getting broken two days into a week long vacation. And I stop to help clean up yard sales. It's a vacation - take time to have fun!
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Go to Ohshucks on main and have a schooner or 2 and they do have real beer. Yes Deer Valley is awesome but a word of warning - they do limit the number of tickets that they sell per day and this will make it so you will never wait in line at the lift but... the runs there can still be crowded & are narrow and most of the skiers there like to cruuuuuz at a liesurly pace so be careful. Dont get me wrong I love DV but one look at those groomers and you will want to go mach 2. I also love to dream what it would be like to ski right up to the door of your $10,000,000 cabin at the end of the day. Must be nice although I never see anyone in them.:
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If you do a run or two down Success, veer off to the left and go down Last Chance run[an easy blue] and take your kids and a camera. They have some wonderful animal sculptures on the houses which are worth seeing.
Also, for lots of intermediate blues go to the Flagstaff mountain area and do a bunch of the runs off Northside lift.
While at Deer Valley, Don't forget to try the turkey chili for lunch at any of the lodges. Nobody has better food on the mountain than Deer Valley.
If you like Asian fusion food, Wahso on Main St. is a must.
I've got a place out in Park City at The Canyons so PM me if you need further info or have specific questions. Have a great time!
PS. Utah is having an epic snow year.
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If you are going for a more than a few days, make sure you make the trip up the Little Cottonwood canyon, the short drive up, and skiing in the canyon is ALWAYS spectacular. There is an entirely different alpine/high mountain feel to Alta/Snowbird that you don't get on the Park City side. Go to the Alta web site and check out all the pictures of the day. Personally, for advanced skiing, I prefer the terrain at Snowbird. But for your first time out, it wouldnt' make a difference. With kids 3 & 6 and wife, Alta would probably be the better option, more beginner/interm options, unless there is boarder in your group.
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The Final List

Okay, today is the day we fly out and after reading everything you guys wrote, here is the final to do list:

- Do not check in boots (carry it on) if flying Delta.
- Find good childcare in DV Resort
- Pick up two helmets from DV Resort (bought from Gearguys and delivered to Resort)
- Have skis adjusted and checked by Brent at Christy Sports or try Jans (corner of Park Ave and Deer Valley drive).

Possible skiing runs:
- Mayflower and / or Sultan for possible powder runs
- Wasatch Express (next to Mayflower) and / or Sultan for good cruisers.
- Empire Canyon as another good cruiser area.
- Carpenter Express lift to bring family down Success Run (Park on lower lodge take parking shuttle through "tunnel" through lodge.)

Park City eats:
- Skip breakfast but don’t miss Skiers Lunch Buffet at Stein Eriksen.
- Check out Fireside dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge.
- St Bernards resturant at the Inn at Solitude Mountain Resort.
- Seafood Dinner Buffet at Snow Park Lodge
- For Asian fusion, Wahso on Main St. is a must.
- Grappa at top of Main Street,
- Zoom at bottom of Main Street
- Taste of Saigon on lower Main Street
- Blind Dog in Prospecter Square,
- Windy Ridge behind Albertsons.
- Ohshucks on Main for a schooner.
- or seek State Liquor Store in Main Street

Possible other activities:
- See Olympic Sports Park and take fast track ride, aka the Bobsled.
- See Utah Ski museum

Salt Lake City eats:
- Tuscanny at SLC

Wish me luck and until the next posting.... see you guys.
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You may want to extend your stay or just come back to get your to do list done enjoy your stay have fun the skiing is great and week are having a perfect weather
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