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Steps to take to get ready for instructor hiring clinic

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At the area where I work as a lift attendant hiring for the ski school is done by an interview in november followed by an on snow hiring clinic early in december. I am looking for advice as to what I can do to prepare for next years hiring process. I have a strong sales and customer service backround and most likely will pass the interview but I am concerned about my technique for the on snow day. I figure now (rather than next december) is the time to get working on this.

I have been skiing since I was 3 (I am 44 now) but have not taken a lesson since I was a teenager. I can get down anything in any snow condition and do a little bit of racing ( joined the thursday night corporate racing league only this year). I'd define myself as a solid expert skier BUT on the technique level am sure I have numerous bad habits that have developed over the years.

I would welcome any advice on how to get ready for the clinic and the interview.


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Obviously this depends on where you work and how much need they have for new instructors, but don't worry too much about your technique. They will be able to teach you technique and how to teach. There a LOT of ski instructors that started out as mediocre skiers (at best). If this is something you are motivated to do, and you really think you will enjoy teaching, then just relax and have fun, and you will be a shoe-in.

The only thing I would say to work on is being comfortable in front of a group. You can practice this in your current job as a liftie. Have fun with the guests and be outgoing. Be one of those lifties that everyone loves because waiting in line is almost as entertaining as skiing.
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I would echo what JohnH said, people skills and the desire to learn and improve your own skiing are much more important than your skiiing skills.

We always say that if we can't improve your skiing, what kind of a ski school are we.

Good luck
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Something else to consider, is mention to the Ski School Director that you are interested in becoming an instructor and asking if they can take a few runs with you. If they can, or if they know how you ski, ask them if there is anything in particular that they would like you to work on.

I know the biggest issues my area see with new recruits is too narrow a stance and a generally aft balance. It says a lot to the SSD/trainers when you are actively trying to make your skiing better as well as learning to teach.
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Welcome to EpicSki, Horseshoe_George!

There is so much here in the various threads and books referenced here, and so on. There's a lot you could learn. But, given your background, the biggest hurdles may be letting go of what you think you know and learning how to communicate skiing skills in a way that students can understand. You may also want to see if you can get into a Level I PSIA clinic somewhere this year. There are also materials from PSIA that you could use as resources to understand the teaching approach that PSIA is using (likely the same that your ski school uses, but not necessarily; you'll want to check that!).
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