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Need help with driving from Maine to Boston

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Is there an easy way that I can drive in close to Boston, leave my car somewhere and then hop on a train to get into the city? I would be coming down from Portland tomorrow morning (Saturday).
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You can park in Newburyport, MA and take a bus or commuter line train into Boston. http://www.mbta.com/traveling_t/sche...mmuterrail.asp

Why not drive in?

If you need specific directions I can help out.

I make that drive at least once a week.
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I'm going to the Museum of Fine Arts (taking a break from skiing to get some culture!). I've never driven in Boston by myself and don't know the city that well at all. Is there an easy way to drive to the MFA? I don't even know where in the city it is.
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I grew up in Boston, currently live there, and went to Northeastern which is right next to the MFA.

It really depends on how comfortable you are with driving in town.

The Back Bay can be a pain and taking 95 to Route 1 or 93 and then Storrow Drive can be a challenge for non aggressive drivers especially when you don't have a co-pilot to navigate for you.

The Green Line "E" train runs right in front of the MFA so you may want to just use public transportation to save yourself some aggravation. Remember only the E train goes that route.
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Why not take Amtrak's Downeaster, Portland to Boston's North Station?
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Downeaster is a long and expensive trip, but if you've got the time and money, definitely the easiest.

Go to www.mbta.com

The easiest 'T' lot to get to is Riverside. It's right off of I-95. The Grove St. exit in Newton/Waltham area. It's one of the longer T rides though.
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Sorry, you can't get here from there.
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How about driving into Alewife, parking there, and taking the Red line in (then of course you'd have to change lines to get to the Museum).

Not sure if that'd be better/worse/the same as the Riverside idea. What line is Riverside?
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Riverside is on the D train of the green line, in Newton (closer to Wellesley than to Waltham). you'd have to take it into Kenmore Sq. and then change trains to the E. parking is ample and modestly priced at Riverside.

there is (or at least used to be) a parking lot across a side street from the MFA. not cheap, but convenient. check on mapquest to be sure, but you could take 95 to the mass pike east (I-90), to the Prudential/Copley exit. stay left on the exit ramp, and go toward Prudential (not Copley). this puts you on Huntington, which is the road the MFA is on. it should be a mile or two (?) down Huntington, on the right.

if you don't mind Boston drivers, it's a pretty simple drive (few or no turns). on a Saturday, it's going to be your fastest way by a long shot (as compared to parking at the T--I don't know about the Downeaster).

there are more direct ways there, but this is very simple. (I suspect that if you took 95 to 93 south to Storrow Drive, you could probably get there faster, but you'd have to take more turns.)
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You need to get a map of Boston! Its not difficult to get around if you have the map. The T system is pretty good. We often park at the Alewife station garage and take the T in. I'm not as familiar with the line that is closer to I95. Parking is often an issue at T stops. If they'd only spent a fraction of the Big Dig funds on improving the suburban T access, things could be much better. Another tactic would be to follow the above directions to the Prudential Center. There is a huge parking garage beneath that thing and the T is nearby. Another possibility is to take I495 and 3 over to Lowell and take the train in. The Lowell train station has parking and the trains run frequently. This might be a bit out of your way though.
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