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S12, B5's, SL11

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Date: 2/17/05

Ski Area: Cannon

Weather: Cloudy breaking into blue sky. Upper 20's. Reported rain overnight turning into 3-6" of fresh, although it seemed to get pushed aside pretty quick.

Conditions: Some Groomed, Some Ice, Some Soft bumps

My Stats:
Level 8ish
5'11, blue/blond seeking single...wait wrong thread
Brought 172 Legend 8000's and tecnica diablo fires with me

Order Skied: B5's, S12, SL11
order liked, SL11, B5, S12

Elan Fusion S12 168.
Took 1 run on these and was ready to get off them. I felt like the skis were lifeless and super-damp. A bit boring on the upper winding trails (hardscrabble etc.) They did lay over so pretty smooth medium sized turns when i really got on them on the wider trails. Maybe if I gave them more time I'd like them more, but they weren't what I was looking for so off they went...

Atomic Metron B5 152
First off, I think that hardsnow performance suffered from a bad/ old tune. I was super stoked to get to demo these and that super tight turn radius didn't disappoint. I felt as though you could really engage the shovel in the turn and it would rip you around in tight turns. They inspired alot of confidence to get your feet out from under you and your legs at extreme angles. Edge grip was good on the groomed snow, but would give out mysteriously when pushed on the real hard stuff. (I inspected the tune and certainly would have touched them up if they were my own skis) On the front side (steeper) I prefered my 8000's for turn shape variations/quickness. I wish that the B5's were a bit lighter and quicker edge to edge, this would be my only strike against them. At times I felt like I was riding on top of a heavy brick and they weren't a part of me like the Dynastars. I never really got a chance to test them in soft snow beyond some dust on crust/ small pockets of fresh on the sides. They seemed to have decent float, but I can't make any substantial comments.

Atomic SL11 157
Goodlord. I had a great time on these. Edge grip was great. Carving was great. Energy was great. I think that this is a ski i'd have to get use to if I bought it... A few times I got lazy and tried to "cruise" on the ski. I ended up in the back seat and those tails will get ya... You could really get the shovel to hook up well, carving some nice arcs. I particularly enjoyed the kick the tails gave you coming out of the turns, I swear there were times that I was off the snow while transitioning to a new turn. That made the skis a boatload of fun. I'm not sure if the SL9 would be a better fit for me, I've never skied a ski that demanded as much attention as the 11 and I'm not sure how well I'd do if I got in the backseat on steep hard snow... those tails might send me for a ride... but I think it would help reinforce good fore-aft balance.The 11 is on the top of my list for dedicated shorty right now.
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Nice review RJP. Given how much you like the SL11, I suspect the tune was at least partially to blame on the b5, but they are heavy, and don't snap edge to edge like a narrower-waisted ski does.
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Your description of the SL11 sounds just about how I feel they ski, they are great but you better be on top of them at all times. Nice reviews!
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Did you try the 2004 SL11s? I think that's the last time they had a 157cm... In any case I just bought a pair at a pretty good "closeout" price from a local shop, and they absolutely rock! Yes, you do need to "ski" them, but I found them pretty versatile. Simply dial in the radius turn you want to make, the ski will handle just about anything from long to ultra-short. The only time I didn't like what the ski was doing was going real fast, the skis lacked some of the stability of the old long straight boards I grew up with.

I also tried the Head Monster 70 (170cm) and Salomon Equipe 10 SC (160cm). The Heads felt vague in comparison to the SL11s and the Salomons didn't want to carve turns less you had some speed.
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yeah, they were the 2004. Does your shop have anymore/ a website or a phone number?
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Originally Posted by RJP
yeah, they were the 2004. Does your shop have anymore/ a website or a phone number?
Bought mine at Ski & Golf Outlet in Westboro MA, 508-616-0333. Don't know if they've got any more... As I said, the price I got was pretty good. You may be able to save a little more if you get them from eBay. The 2004 SL11s have been selling in the $250 range. Overstock.com also has 157s for $299 without the bindings.
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Check ebay. There have been tons of them there from ski shops. Prices seem to be around $250.

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