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MA advice please

1. I would appreciate your comments about what I am doing right and what I can do to improve in the following photos from the our club league GS race this past weekend. Please refer to Photo 1 or Photo 2 in your comments.

I am a level 3 so I am generally 33-39% slower than the zero handicap. I do recognize that these pictures are not the same as having video to analyze.

The advanced level GS courses that our club league sets are typically USSA style courses that I run in the 50-90 seconds range depending up the resort/trail that we race on.

2. Also, are there any free websites that allow you to post video clips for better MA? How many MB can the video clips be?

Photo 1

First row, middle picture. You can click on the picture to get it to show up in the left side and then click on the word zoom below the picture to get a slightly larger version. This is the second GS run where I was about 3 seconds slower than the first run.

Photo 2

Third row, far right. This is the first GS run.

sfdean posted links to the fastest racer in our league from this race in the Racers--Inside Knee Deeply Bent (Long) thread at

Thanks for your help.

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