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I flew from Boston through Denver to Eagle/Vail last week on United, and I had one double ski bag and one single bag, and I was not charged anything extra. There were 3 people in my party, and we had a total of 7 checked bags, no extra charges. The skis were not damaged, although the bags were both padded.
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I would just call United and ask what the policy is.
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I know what the policy is. It just seems to be inconsistantly enforced.
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Three times this winter United said my luggage was "delayed" either coming or going. Here's a trick I learned -- call and complain a day of few after the trip and they will send you $50 in trip vouchers. Use it toward your next trip.

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I know that what I'm writing about doesn't directly address the topci of "flying with United", but it does address traveling with skis. Given that I live in the Pacific Northwest and we had a terrible snow year, I found myself on an airplane for 4 ski trips this year.

The "Sport Tube" can be found at the following website: http://www.sportube.com At that site one can find a picture of a Sport Tube and links to dealers. I've used my Sport Tube for 5 different ski trips, all with Southwestern Airlines, and have never had a problem with my skis getting damaged. I paid about $80 or $90 for it.

By the way, I had a shuttle driver (who has been at it for several years) tell me that Southwestern has a very good reputation for getting luggage to the correct destination (they've always done well for me). I figure that a shuttle driver who has talked to a lot of travelers has better insight on this kind of thing than most of us do.

On the topic of locks: There is such a thing as a "TSA" lock. A "TSA" lock is keyed so it can be opened by airport security (they have the keys). A "TSA" lock can be purchased at many places that sell luggage. The TSA locks that I've seen have the letters "TSA" on them, followed by a 3 digit number (the number probably tells airport security which key to use to open it). See http://www.masterlock.com

For myself, I just use a padlock on my Sport Tube. When I check my skis in, I'll tell the people at the counter that I have a lock on my Sport Tube and that I have the key for it. The airport personal will then tell me where to wait in case I need to open it up for airport security. Once airport security is done inspecting my Sport Tube, they'll tell me they're done so I can move on to the gate where my flight is.
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I will be flying for a ski trip in December for the first time and I must say that I am a little scared...I will be flying Southwest from Pittsburgh to Chicago then ATA from Chicago to Denver...I want to take two pairs of skis and two poles....I will be carrying my ski boots on board...I have a pair of Line Chronics in 177 and 4frnt msp's (122-92-108)...they both have Rossi Axial2 140 ti binders on them...if I get a 2 ski sport tube will they both fit? It says on southwest that you get to take one pair of skis, one set of poles, and one pair of boots....is this enforced even if I am under 50lbs? What boot bag should I buy if I want to carry my boots on board? I would really appreciate the help. Should I ship the items? What are the chances of them getting lost?

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Has anyone ever shipped thier skis to a local UPS store near the resort or airport and picked them up once you were there? Thanks
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My daughter had issues flying Delta last season on the return flight. They told her she wasn't allowed to have three pairs of skis, only two. There was no such issue on the outgoing flight, so I bet it depends on which airport is involved as much as which airline.
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