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2002 Rossignol 9S Extreme

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Okay, on my adventure to find out about the T-power Viper i ran across a new ski that i have never seen before in my life, goofiest looking slalom ski i have ever witnessed... This ski is a stock race ski (so veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry stiff) and its tip is 115mm and waist is something like 65 and its tail is somewhere around 100 i think. It comes in a 158 and a 150, and is designed for slalom racing ONLY (or so they told me). the 158 was designed for a 200+lbs masters racer supposedly... and it retailed for $800 w/o bindings of course, and comes with some kinda of hybrid pps/slalom plate on it... very odd looking peice of modern technology. I was also tolf that only about 3 shops in NY state have a pair of them.

So now that i have explained the ski, does anyone know of it or about it...?? Or can anyone comment on it at all. It seems like a it coudl be rossis new design for next season, because the shop guy said that during the development fo the ski they tried tip width of 110 - 120 mm and decided on the the 115, after testing every width there was. Could be a wave of the future for slalom skis (huge tips - fischer did it this year i think) or possibly what next years line will bring... any comments or knowledge of the ski?? Or anyone that has had the privilege to pro a pair of these?? Let me know so we can meet up so i can try them out.
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Hmm, I don't know much about rossis to tell you the truth, but HERE is a link to some Head skis that have similar to more radical dimensions (though they are not 'race' skis). I ski the red one. I am currently poking around to see if other manufacturers are heading that way as well. The Head skis are really great

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In the Ski Canada Buyer's Guide they have that ski, but no picture and no description of it (just a listing).

It is called the TP 9S Oversize and has dimensions of 115-63-104 ($975 Canadian).
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The Atomic BetaRace 9.12 has similar demensions at 115-65-100. It too, is meant to be skied very short. Looks like skis of that shape are the future of slalom racing/all mountain carving.

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