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Man dies while making extreme skiing film

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From the CNN website

A lifelong skier was killed when an avalanche carried him off a mountain while he and three friends were making a film about extreme skiing.

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Whoa! That's pretty extreme!
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I'm not happy to hear about this but neither am I surprised. Making porn is risky business.
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That's really unfortunate. He might have been the type of guy who needs to risk his life to really feel like he is living it. I hope he lived well during his time here and my deepest sympathies go out to those who knew and cared about this young adventurer.

I wonder if he caught a tip and fell over the cliff or was swept over by avalanche. Did he die from the fall or buried by avalanche debris? I heard the only place in the east that had hazardous avalanche conditions was Mt. Washington, but I'm sure if conditions are right, chutes on backside of Mt. Mansfield could slide. I've only read about that side of the mountain, does anyone reading this know about avalanches there?
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It sounds like he died as a result of the fall. The fall also seems to have triggered the avalanche. He who calls the tune and pays the piper.
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That's amazing!!! The wife and I just got back from a week at Stowe and didn't here anything about this. We had to drive 12 hours south just to learn about it.
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Ullr - he was a Stowe local. Well known and liked. I don't think many people really wanted to talk about it. It's not like something in the news. It happened here to someone we know. On Wednesday, I was riding the gondola with some people that were talking about it. In the corner was one of jhis friends not saying anything.

The full stort can be found here: http://www.stowereporter.com/Section...inestory1.html

On the subject of East Coast Avalanches, if you look in the DVD extras section of Schooled, thier 2004/05 movie, there is a section on avalanche awareness. They went and took an avy course last year after getting sluffed out on Mansfield twice. One of them is on video. You see the avalanche coming and then the camera just goes to static. There is also a section called Joe's Cliff, and that's a different story. A lot of the terrain that is skiied in the BC on Mansfield is waterfalls in the summer, so really just pure blue ice, and pretty hard for the snow to really stick to it. I've gotten stuff sliding too. The difference is that the Ultimate Chutes where they were skiing are completely cliffed out. At the bottom you have to make a big traverese to get around the cliff that Alec was swept over.
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