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Skiing with calf injury

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I've torn the gastroc muscle in my calf (the big calf muscle). The tear is in the meat of the muscle, rather than at the ends where they join up with other muscles/joints (it's a muscle tear, rather than a ligament or tendon). The physiotherapist says I shouldn't ski for at least ten days.

Unfortunately, I am at day seven of a three week ski trip, and I don't think I'm going to be able to stand not skiing for another ten days. As the injury improves, I'm thinking that I'll be able to get out on greens and gentle blues.

What can I do to improve my technique while skiing greens? Any recommendations for easy, low impact drills that I can spend a day doing? (Pivot slips are out: I would be afraid that I would catch an edge and automatically shift onto the weak leg.)

This is a major crisis. I must ski. It is inconceivable that I rest for ten whole days. If I'm to get in my 60 days this year, I don't have any time to waste. I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer about skiing while injured.

Please keep the unkind comments to a minimum (I've already heard "Just stay off it, you idiot!" too many times).
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I did that with a torn soleus - because I had no idea I had torn the muscle (maybe having a leg black from knee to ankle should have been a hint

Have now discovered that due to lack of knowing I have got my nerve trapped in the healed muscle & it is having problems
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I'm sorry to hear that your injury didn't heal up properly. I doubt that mine is as bad as that, and I'm pretty sure that, if I'm careful, I can ski some easy stuff. I'm going to Squaw Valley for a few days next week, and I want to get a few turns in between now and then.
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Dont be such a big baby. Just ski hard and if something breaks theres always scotch and duct-tape
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"Skiing with Calf injury"

That'll teach ya to put your pet cow on skis!
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Damn, this is a tough crowd...
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C178: Can you walk normally with the torn calf muscle? When I tore my calf muscle, my wife started calling me Igor because I had to turn that foot sideways. I couldn't flex forward at the foot because of too much pain. I also had black/blue ankle and foot from the torn muscle bleeding to the lower part of the leg. The doctors told me to not ski for six weeks. I'm a 100-day-a-season skier, and that six weeks was pretty awful, but I couldn't bend the ski boot much before the six weeks were up.

If you can walk normally, you can ski carefully on gentle terrain, I'd think. But I can't think of much terrain like that at Squaw Valley. If you find you can ski, you can work on subtle edging from just rolling your feet onto corresponding edges. On gentle terrain, you can slow the movements and make them precise. Work on the inside hip sliding forward as you change edges. Feel equally weighted while you pass through having the skis flat on the slope when rolling from one set of edges to the other.
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Colossus - don't fret the physio is getting it loose again so it can work properly.... just making the point that you need to watch it a bit....

Kneale - I could walk quite well... just my leg swelled inside the boot so I would be numb in an hour & need to remove foot & rest it..... Instructor had pressure sores on sides of feet at same time - so he was happy to let me rest.... I went to doctor when I found leg still swelling 3 weeks later everytime I put a ski boot on - my shin swelled up.... Doc said I tore it at top & it bled all the way down the muscle...
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