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Newbie, Lange X Zero 6 ACD boots, got 'em cheap, good deal?

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I am new to this forum, and skiing too. I have only skiied 4-5 times, and I usually rent, but we are going on a ski vacation at the end of February so I thought I'd better get my own gear. We are going skiing in Canada, so I am planning on buying the skis themselves up there, since they will be much cheaper.
However, I was perusing eBay and I happened upon a pair of brand new in box, Lange ski boots, in my size. They are the "X Zero 6 ACD" boots. I got them for $79. The only reason I got them was because the guy said I could return them if I didn't like them. Having been to SkiMarket and seen the prices of new boots, this seemed like an outrageously good deal. Brand new boot for $79.
Now I am just wondering why they were so cheap. Is it just because the model is a few years old? I haven't been able to find much about them online, I think they may have come out in 97-98...Still, has much changed in the way of boots in those few years? Are they good boots? Or did I get ripped off?
Sorry this is so long, just had a bunch of questions since I don't really know much about equipment yet...
Thanks for any help!
-Bertha [img]smile.gif[/img]
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A couple of questions:
1. Do they fit you?
2. Are they comfortable?
3. Can you flex them?

If you answered yes to all three, then it doesn't really matter whether they are the latest model or not.

That's the short answer. I'll let someone else give you more details.

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Thanks for the quick response! I just found them yesterday, so they haven't arrived yet. He is shipping them today. Speaking of fit, I remember another thing the guy said, he told me that Langes run kind of small. I got a women's size 9 in the boot, I take an 8.5 street shoe.
Is it anyone's experience that the Langes run small? Again, I can return it if it doesn't fit. Hopefully it will. I am most concerned with the quality of the boot and also the appropriateness. I know they make different boots for different levels of expertise, but I don't know the difference between any of them. I am obviously a beginner, and wouldn't want to get some crazy advanced boot that will somehow mess me up...
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The X-Zero line of boot from Lange had some great boots in it, the 7, 8 & 9. The real bargain was the X-Zero 7 which had the upper end liner & buckles. It was a great intermediate boot. Unfortunately the X-Zero 6 didn't have the same quality of liner or boots. It is an adequate boot but will not give you the comfort or performance of the others in the line.
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You are spending big $$$$$ on a vacation and you have just set the ground in motion for a ruined ski vacation. Happy feet are the key to good skiing.

If ..... you tried on similar Lange boots in that size ...... and ..... if they were a good fit you may stand a chance by mail order.

Select the sock that you will be using. The boot fit will vary with the brand and thickness of the sock. Put the boots on and wear them for at least an hour. The fit should be very snug ...... if you can move those dogs around in there (loose) ...... well, that's a problem too. If they hurt, that will be even worse when you are using them.

A GOOD ski shop will work with you on fitting the boot and making adjustments. They can add material behind the liner or reduce the "hot spots".

IMHO, why ruin a vacation or future skiing. A good pair of Langes will last about 150 outings ..... now run the cost figures on that ..... per wearing ...

No, I DO NOT work for a shop but if I had a buck for every student and friend who was in tears over a poor fit I could afford those Lange 10X's that Santa musta forgot to put in his pack.
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Thanks for all your advice guys. I knew that I shouldn't have gotten them mail order, but it seemed like to good a deal to pass up, especially since he said I could return them. If they don't fit, it's no big deal, I can return them and just get the boots when I go to Canada, they will be cheap enough up there.
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