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Lange FR boot - more information?

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What exactly is this boot? I think its an older style Lange. Is it high end? Intermediate? I would like to stay on a high end boot.


I'm currently on a Lange Banshee that's killing me. The shell size is 26 and I managed to stuff a 27 liner in it. I've got to do something to fix this damn thing but the toebox has been punched out quite a bit already.
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looks like a special make up of the vector or venus, if you want more toe box try a comp or crl boot, way more room than your boot.
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LeeLau: I don't know the model, but those look like lower-end Lange buckles, used on their entry-level boots a few years ago.

Regardless of the boot, don't scrimp on boot-fitting. Less than 10% of boots off the rack will fit a given foot. Without proper fitting (one to two hours), chances are that you'll be unhappy in any boot you buy.

Most people either: a) buy comfy boots, too large and loose to perform, or b) ski in pain.

Do yourself a favor and pay $125 for a fitting. It's the best $$ you'll ever spend.
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Like waxman says they sure look like a variation on the vectors. That means high volume and as they don't have cuff alignment they are a lower end version which makes them a long ways from high end.

Like Waxman says the comp last has way more room in the toe box without the rest of the boot being any higher volume.
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Thanks for the quick responses. I figured they were lower end due to the rental markings on the,m What bums me out is that I was put into my current Langes by a good shop - the shell is a 26 and the liners are also 26 which is a whole mondopoint too small for me. These were my first "high-end" boots after rear-entry Saloman Sx71s so silly me - I thought all ski boots were supposed to hurt like hell and make you lose toenails.

Now I find its just that I should've been in a 27.0 boot grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Oh well - guess i'd better go boot shopping again. Lange Comps it is then
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Get shell fit! The expanded toe box may give you enough room for your toes WITHOUT going up a size. The comp has way more toe room than the banshee. As well Lange liners in the past have not taken on the shape of the new shell so may need to be stretched. This is easy but your size should still be determined by the shell NOT the liner. Waxman could confirm whether the liner has been updated to the new shape yet.
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THx - I will take a look at the Comp and try to get more wiggle room. I just looked at my shell again and it is a 27 - size 8/9 - I'll ask for more punch-out but I fear these boots may have reached their limit
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The problem may be the liner, not the shell. Sometimes the liner is a little short. If you take the liner out you can cut open the seam at the toe and often get some more lenght. Have your shop check for this before you give up on this boot. LewBob
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