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Dyna 8000 Length Question

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So I was able to Demo the Dyna 8000 in Utah. I'm 39, 5'5" and vary between 165 and 170 lbs - good condition. I demo'd a 165 and was very comfortable on it. If I had to put a number to my skier level, I would put it at an honest 6. Groomed black runs or advanced blue runs or black runs with soft bumps are OK. Being a flatlander from MO, I travel to Utah or CO to ski. I'm contemplating purchasing the ski. This would be my only ski. Perhaps I would like others, but I started on an M9 and didn't care for it. The 8000 worked well for me. I had wanted to Demo the B2, but it wasn't available and I liked the 8000 so much I didn't want to switch out again. The question is if I could not find a 165 for a good price, but could find a 172, anecdotally, what difference can I expect to notice? Will that extra length dramatically decrease the turnability of the ski. The 165 was light and tossable. The weight difference is only 110 grams. Will the extra length make that much difference in the soft bumps? Would I notice a big difference in edge grip. The 165 was perhaps a tad light in that area but nothing I worried about. I'd love to re-demo the ski in the longer length, but I may or may not have the opportunity. As the year end approaches, I'd be inclined to snag one if the prices continue to decline. But if it's only available in a 172, would I be making a mistake purchasing it without skiing it at that length? Thanks.
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Gart sports in Park city had some 165's you may want to give them a call.435 649-6922 they had them on sale for around $459.00 or something like that.
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I think you'd be alright on the 172. 165 actually sounds a little short for you.....
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If you demoed and really liked the 165cm, that's what I'd try to find and buy. You probably would be ok with the 172, but who knows for sure without you skiing it. You would definitely feel the difference between the 2 lengths. The only questions is how much difference? I don't think anyone here can say for sure.
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No, stay on the 165cm the 172 is to much ski. Take some lessons and learn how to use the ski. The ski is a bit more then a level 6 skier will ever use. With a couple of lessons you'll beable to have more fun on them.
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Ditto. At your size and skill level the165 is the way to go.
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165, shorty.
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165 it is. I appreciate the replies. It's more or less what I suspected, but it's good to get feedback. I'll keep my eyes open for that and the P12 Lifter binder.
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Speaking of the 8000, should I go with the 178 or 184?

I'm 5'9" - 190 lbs - great shape.
24 (been skiing 22 years)
Level 9 skier.

I recently purchased the 178 for $400.
But now I just got the 184 for $355.

Will the 184 (21 m radius) be too much for me?
My last ski was a 184 (27m radius).
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