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Flexon Mafia

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Was skiing with my brother in law the other day and he told me Raichle was no more. Since he knows everything, I paniked and stopped into Snowbird Ultimate Mountain Outfitters{ 801-933-2253} at the resort center to talk to Cris and Scottie. It's not true, of course. Scott was the Utah Raichle rep for years, then worked at Deep Powder House at Alta. Both places are experienced and trustworthy Raichle dealers.They can be depended on to fit a thermoflex liner right. Scott had the only flexon Pro's in lovely puke green in the U.S. this year. I figured it was a good time to stockpile a pair but they had just sold the last one in my size.
Using what I learned from this board, I contacted Swiss Sports haus in Vancouver and spoke to Barry; he had just sold his last pair of Pros also, but had a Yellow 20th anniversary edition he sold me for $200 canadian, sans liners (got plenty). He also likes to keep a fresh pair of Flexons in a box, just in case. So I may be nuts but I got company. I've got it on good authority that Scandinavian Ski Shop in N.Y.C. is also a reliable Flexon connection. Next year's are going to be red and silver or black and silver so disco down, Flexon lovers! :
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Before people start hoarding Raichle Flexon's my understanding is that the Flexon will still be produced for 2003 but under the Kneissl rather than Raichle brand name. Raichle is part of the Kneissl corporate family along with Dynafit. Raichle will continue to make hiking and mountaineering boots.

P.S. Oops. Although I mentioned Dynafit, I should have also included Dee Luxe in the Kneissl corporate structure. Kneissl bought Dachstein a few years ago and rebadged the boots under the Kneissl name which the Raichle Flexon supposed to join.

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Just an ego stroke for you Flexon lovers...
Read an article on a show at the Denver Art Museum on industrial design in America and the Flexon-T boot of 1979 is featured (along with 249 other items).
Show runs thru May 26th.
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Knew it. Good candidate for Museum of Modern Arts {NY} design collection.
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