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OK, I slept through the last decade of binding technology. But I'm a Marker loyalist from the late 70s - early 80s racing days. In the mid-90s, I bought a couple of MRRs with the Rotomat heel. Flourescent green springs, ugly as heck. But I've barely used them - they're mounted on straight 213s and 207s. Are these bindings still viable and safe? I'd get a good shop to check them out of course.

Other issue is that I have size 16 feet and use the largest Lange shells. I can't seem to fit on any of the Marker system plates - or the other brands - because my boots are too damn big. Most of the skis have some bumps or do-dads that preclude mounting a huge plate. Does anybody else have this problem? Which ski and plate combos work for the giant footed?

Right now I ski 198 Merlin VIs with Marker step-in heels mounted flat on the ski. I'm big (230 #) and still ski fast, even if I'm not in the best shape or style these days... I'm looking to try some short slaloms and maybe pick up another pair of GS skis.