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Good price for B5?

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A local shop is selling the Metron B5 with a 412 binding for $630. Is that a good price?
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Thats a great price, if thats what you want jump on them.
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No, its a terrible price... don't listen to can find them much cheaper...

by the way... whats the phone number of that shop?:
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Close to half off retail full price. I'm surprised to see the 5 marked that low. I don't think you'll find a lower price this year.
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CJB: Can you provide contact info for this shop (once you get the skis you desire). I'm seeking a pair of B:5's with NEOX at 172 cm.

PM me if you wish. Thank you!
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christ for that price i will make my rossi zenith 5's my rock the name and number
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The ski shop I referred to is Ski Haus. The manager is Mark Souza. He is very knowledgeable and is a great person. They have stores in Wilmington MA and Salem NH.

According to Mark they had to cut prices because another local shop called Buchika's started slashing prices last week. I don't know what they have for inventory but the link is

Since those two have cut prices, another local shop called Summit Ski & Snowboard also followed suit. I know they carry Atomic as well.

I hope this helps.
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CJB: Thanks for posting this info.

I called Barry at Ski Haus and he said the $630 price was for the ski alone (still not bad) and the binding was another $200. Hence, we're looking at about $830, plus shipping.

I also called Buchika and they said they didn't stock the B:5 this year, but did stock all the other Metrons. So, they may have some good deals on the M:11's.

It was still decent of you to post this info. Thanks!
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Don't get to excited. Just got off the phone and with the binding the 162 (last pair) are going for $882.
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Still a good price; not much more than a pro would have paid this year...
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Check out, they have the B5 152cm for $715. This includes the Neox 4:12 binding. They only have one pair left.
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Right, $700 tax/shipping free. I just went there. They have great service and satisfaction guarantee for exchange. I highly recommend them!
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You guys are crazy to pay those prices. There are better skis out there. Half of you probably can't even get out of the ski what it's made for, especially if you're considering a 152.
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skierzzzz: You appear to consider yourself THE expert, towering over everyone else in terms of knowledge, experience and judgement.

Are we supposed to take a lead from someone who lists his interests as "sex"?

When was the last time you skied the B:5? What do you know about sizing and the people on this thread?
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I think that anything under $850 would be a smokin' price for b5s this year -- I was looking all over for the 162 w/ Neox -- any shop that I talked to that still had any b5s at all wanted at least $950 (and none that I trusted had 162s). I gave up last weekend and bought Salomon Equipe 10 SC Pilots in 165 instead: all up for $700 (no tax in NH). Of the 20 odd skis I demoed this year I loved this ski only second to the b5 -- but you gotta cry "uncle" at some point. I know that Sollies are unpopular on this board -- but give them a try and you might be really surprised at these puppies.

BTW, I may not be a true level 9 (ignore the mountain marketing crap) but a true 7.5-8.0 and I can and did get a lot out of the b5: after two days of demo I wanted them so bad I could taste it but gambled on being able to find a pair later in the season for less cash ... and lost.
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