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Wax on - Wax off

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I bought some 'Axis' skis last year - the model is 'Carve 9.9'. (El cheapo but I'm just starting)

Problem is my wax job only lasts 4-5 hours before they feel slower and snow starts sticking in places under the ski. After 6-7 hours white/grayish areas are starting to show. From what I read I thought skis should hold wax for 2 or 3 days skiing.

I checked with a local shop and they mentioned they may not be cintered bases, they may be extruded instead. He mentioned extruded bases don't hold wax..

I've read a lot about waxing and I think I'm doing it right.. (all temp wax applied with iron, cool down, scraping, etc).

Anyone have / know about these skis? I cannot find anything on the web about year made, quality, etc.

Next year I will get better equipment.

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Burnt bases?
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Extruded bases are less porous than sintered bases. They will not hold wax as well. Short of buying skis with better bases, you can consider a) waxing repeatedly until the wax completely saturates the ski, b)wax with a colder temp wax which will be longer lasting, although not as fast at warmer temps or c) don't scrape and brush all the way to the surface.

Another issue as aluded to above, make sure your iron is not too hot or too slow, as heat will p-tex less porous.
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I believe that unless you put the structure on the surface it won't absorb much wax.
Waxing alone is not enough espcially if the surface is worn out.

Just my opinion, I might be wrong (quoting Dennis Miller )
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I have to ask where you are skiing? IE: midwest/mid atlantic with lots of man made...it strips wax in a few hours...even on good skis. Switching to a harder all temp with a bit of graphite wax blended in helps, but waxing daily may still be required. Man made snow is as abrasive as sandpaper and strips wax quickly...2-4 hours if the wax is soft enough.

With good bases, good hard(er) all temp and graphite waxes, I can ski man made snow 2 full days between waxings.
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i would think if your not up on edges alot that wax is not going to last along time
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mid atlantic (nj/pa) wax theory...tried and tested

clean bases thoroughly, hotscrape with soft wax and clean with a citrus based cleaner....(once in a while with citrus cleaner is ok just don't use it not too often).

hot wax with a hard cold wax (ch4 or ch6 or graphite). Let cool, scrape and brush, repeat with same wax one more time.

Now use wax of the day. I rub on and then iron with a paper towel/ fibertex underneath, almost completely negates the use of a scraper but leaves enough for good glide/protection. Either leave as is or open up structure with a bronze/nylon brush, brushing rigourously is overkill if the wax is ironed on using fibertex/paper napkins because the snow is so abrasive around here.

I found that the (SOFT) top wax holds for about 2 days or so before I have to go back and re-iron. The harder base wax is re-done every or so waxing cycles or as needed.

Oh, by the way, you may want to iron on an extra layer on the two edges underfoot, they're the highest wear areas.
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I ski mostly at Snowbowl in Arizona. Natural snow, not man made. Usually it's corduroy in the morning then softens as more people ski on it. Occasionally it's 1-2 inches of fresh powder on top of corduroy.

I'll get some colder wax and use that.

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Could these skis be base-high?
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Bases become sealed---non permiable to wax--- in a variety of ways. The most common are too hot of an iron and manufacturers buffing them to a shine to sell better. Have them stone ground (ask for a thorough grind) to remove the sealed layer and wax often without letting the wax smoke.
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Once your bases have become grey due to surface abrasion, it's over. You can hot wax tuntil you're blue in the face, and the base will always be grey at the end of the day.

A fresh stone grind to reveal a fresh base layer is the only cure.

Hot wax done correctly will only last for a day of skiing, unless you're powder or natural snow skiing.

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