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Atomic R-10 170cm

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I am a 5'-9" and 165#.

Level V.Good (Ex-instructor)

I had the best time skiing these skis that replaced my Vokil P9's 203's.

They perfomed really well in all conditions and gripped hard snow with no problems. The CR/4-12 bindings worked well and the ability to move them backwards and forwards did make a difference.

What shocked me is how well they handeled travelling at speed and how well they carved in mid to long radius turns. Sorter radius turns on the steep needed more effort and did not have the kick that a true slalom ski may have. That being said on more gradual slopes they produced nice controled short radius turns with just the the right amount of skid (sorry to use that word).

In very fast long radius turns i some times wished that they were a little longer as they seemed to get overloaded but when i eased off (a very little bit) they snapped right back in to the turn.

This was my first trip on snow for 5 years and these took me from 'rusty' to 'sharp' in 1/2 a day with my other skis it would have taken me 1 - 2 days.

All in all what a revelation these shaped skis are.

And what a bargain for 319 US including bindings.

Why would anyone ski on anyting else?

PS I will be heading out to the snow a couple more times before the season is over - i will again never again wait this long if i can have this much fun!

Has anyone else skied this ski?
What new/current models are simular to these?
What shorter radius skis would you recommend that i look at?
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I bought the same ski, same size. I'm 5'8" 155lbs.

The skis felt squirrely at high speeds when flat, but carved extremely well.

I moved the bindings to the "Speed" position and the twitchyness was completely gone.

Carving is precise and the tails release easily.

Try moving your bindings back using the grey lever at the front of your toe-piece. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes.
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vornel, I'd suggest trying the Atomic Metron line (M:11 and M:b5, especially), the Fischer RX line (RX8 and RX9), the Elan S line (S12), and the new Nordica Hot Rods (Top Fuel for a nice wide under-foot ski).
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