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Skis for beginner...

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When buying skis for a relative beginner who wants to progress to be a solid intermediate, is it better to err on the side of a little longer ski, or stick with the shorty? The length difference we are considering is between a 146 cm and a 153 cm, not a lot of difference, but may be for a beginner.

The skier in question is my wife, who is 5'4".

Thanks for your input...
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Buy good boots and use rental or demo skis until she is past the early stages. Many ski areas have great lesson / equipment and pass packages for beginners. In a short time, she will have enough experience on different skis to form an opinion of her own. The difference in length you are considering is just over 2.5 inches. If you must buy skis, the 146 will be easier to start on, and the easier the beginner transition is, the better.

Focus on the boots first, and ahhh, you don't plan to instruct yourself do you??:
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We are heading to the boot fitter tomorrow, I realize the most important part of her set up will be the boots, but the skis we are looking at are very reasonably priced, and we don't want to pass them up. (K2 First Luv) She can better demo skis when she knows what she is looking for in a ski, in the meantime we can save $$ by not renting while she is learning.

No, I'm definitley NOT going to try to teach her myself! She has had 3 group, and one private lesson so far this season (all PSIA certified level II instructors). I just try to help her remember what the instructors have told her.
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I think the right skis can make a big difference to a beginner. What length are the skis she has used before? I am 5'2" and learned on Atomic 140s, now use 147 and 153's. I would go shorter on a learning ski. Easier to handle at first. Just my opinion.
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