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The Ski For Me?

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For the past 5 years I've been skiing on Salomon Xscream Series in a 187 and I need to find a new replacement. I'm now 39, which is different than 35 and it bit heavier (210 lbs) and only 5'7". I still like to ski bumps and trees and everything in between just not as aggressively as a few years ago. I'm looking for something a bit more forgiving as I'm now a bit older. I ski about 25 days a year in NH and a week out west. After all the reviews I've read, it seems like the Rossignol B1 is a ski worth considering. If I go out west and they have fresh powder, I'll rent fat skis. I just want something for most days.

Thank you for your help!
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I'm not a big fan of the Rossie skis. IMHO they feel lifless. There are other skis out there that offer a fun easy ride that still have plenty of life. I just did a demo of the Dynastar 8000 and found them to be a livily energatic ski. They are very easy to ski light and they have an excellent feel for the snow. They are rather well behaved in bumps for such a wide ski. The only thing that I found lacking was proformance in crud. You may want to try the dynastar 7400 with a 74 mm waist it maybe be a better ski for New England skiing.
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Deja vu! Didn't I see this thread somewhere else and with more responses in it?!
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I haven't skied it but the legend 8000 is getting some great reviews...

For the East What about the Volant Gravity 71 (175cm would be good) - I've seen those on ebay and such for $250-$300....

...or one of the K2 Apaches...whichever one is about 70mm wide...I've seen last year's Axis X online for under $300 too...I've always found those K2's very forgiving...
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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster
For the East What about the Volant Gravity 71 (175cm would be good) - I've seen those on ebay and such for $250-$300....
Gravity is a nice ski and will hold like a blonde to her credit card on ice. The Gravity 71 is the same shape as the current Platinum which has a stronger (synthetic) core.
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