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Calling all Powder Hunters

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Hi all.

I'm looking for stories of "Powder Hunters" (to coin a phrase, unless it has been used before - I am still relatively new to this forum) defined as those powder hounds who purposely wait to go on a trip out west until a big dump is either happening or about to happen, then fly out to hit the powder for a day or two, then go home.

Is this type of trip worth it? How do you get the best airfare, lodging, car rentals/airport transfers? Or do you get socked on prices and just figure that the extra price is worth it for "the kill"? Are there better resorts to do this at so you don't get caught in a closed access road situation? Any info/ideas is helpful.

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Eric, Delta flies into SLC and supposedly they did a big change in their rates schedule, eliminating many restrictions like Sat nt stay, maybe they eliminated the 2 week advance scheduling. Let us know...Besides that, without 2 week advance sceduling makes a "cheap trip" prohibitive. I know at one time I was able to use freq flyer points for do a quick trip, but i wouldn't count on it. Not to any ski destination in high season for sure.
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And seriously, get friendly with a Delta employee and hit them up for travel passes. You go last minute if it's available, and usually 1st class.

It's not easy to chase the fluff, but if you're resourceful...
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I've done it on Jet Blue from JFK. If you can get away it's definately worthwhile.
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Delta - forget that idea, they are "through the roof" >$600 it seems in PHL and EWR to SLC for all of March, price down in April, but no where close to the $225 ticket i got a few months ago for my trip next week.
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marry someone that works for the airlines so you can fly for free.
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I find Southwest usually has the best last minute fares although you'll still be paying more then if you book ahead. They fly into SLC and Reno/Tahoe although they are a bit limited as to where they fly on the east coast.

Chasing the pow is hard, mother nature isn't always on your side. You might get there after the storm and things are already tracked out. Or, you try to make it before the predicted storm and it never hits. Or, you time it perfectly and enjoy some of the best conditions of your life. It's tempting, isn't it
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