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Review for Salomon Scream Xtra Hot w/ Pilot?

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I was just wondering if anyone has had experience on the new 2004/2005 Salomon Scream Xtra Hot skis, and even possibly a comparison with a competitor's skis. I have K2 Axis skis right now, and I am thinking of switching to the Screams. I am 6'1" about 160 lbs, 19 years old, and ski mostly midwest and of course love to go out to the west whenever i get a chance. If anyone could help me out, that would be great.
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I had a demo day last and this year with the Xtra hots. I don't think there is any changes between this year and last. I really enjoyed the skis. They have decent float and are agile enough for trees. They are plenty quick which I tend to like. There was fresh powder both days that I was on them so any ski will be great in those circumstances, though. Anyway, they did everything well. I never had to ski on ice and hardpack so I can't really say how they would do there. I ended up buying Rossignol B2's but found the Xtra Hot's to be a similar ski. Like the B2, they won't beat you up in the bumps. That's nice by the end of the day. Hope that helps.

By the way, I'm 5'11 and 177. I was on 175's both times.
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I got a 175cm pair of X-Hots from someone who lives in the midwest that needed something better for the ice you encounter there. I really like this ski. It is very versital, easy to make short turns on but stable at high speeds. Being a Montana skier like MAGNOE any ski I have has to be good in the bumps and the X-Hot is an absolute blast in them. Their main shortcoming is they aren't very good on ultra-hard ice but I didn't think they were any worse than skis around the same width like the 724 Pro, B2, etc. or the K2 Axis X.
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I skied mine for the first time last weekend at Northstar, and really like them. They carve better than some I've heard have given them credit for, and I also found them more stable than I expected. I'm 6'2", 195 lbs, level 8, but taking it easy due to a compound fracture of my collarbone and recent steel plate surgery.
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I demoed the 175cm a few weeks ago, and found the 175 to be simply to short to really let them run out. If you love long turns, you're gonna want the 185.
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demo'd them this year at Killington during a decent enough EC pow day. I found them to have somewhat crappy edge hold and they felt very plank-ish and dead. Wasn't a fan at all.
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I have skied the x-hots in a 175 all season, alternating with my 5-Stars. the xtra-hots do a decent job on the ice (not quite as good as my 5-Stars), but they are quick, light, float in the pow, nimble in the trees and are a real lot of fun. I know that there has been a lot of Salomon bashing on Epic, but if (and I repeat if) you have this ski tuned properly (due to the fact that the factory tune has a uniformly uneven base bevel) the xtra-hots are a really fun great ski-especially for a second pair of skis for an easterner looking for a some-what wider second pair of skis to compliminet his/her hard-pack carvers.
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X Hot / B2

I have both the X Scream X Hot in 185 and the B2 in 182. I have found the
X Hot great in powder and chopped up crud. It does require extra effort
or concentration to get it to edge on hardpack or ice. I have found the
B2 not to as good in the powder, but it is better in crud and bumps
usually found the day after a big snow. Also a little better on hardpack and ice. I was in Vail last week during storms and used both skis depending on conditions. Skied mainly the back bowls. I am 6'2" and 185 lbs.
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If you ski mostly in the middle west you may be happier with a pair of Scream 10 Hots, see my review at:


I grew up close to Traverse City Michigan, for conditions you normally find there (machine made refrozen skied up hard pack) the Scream 10 Hots should be about perfect. As per my review, these are great carving skis on hardpack. My understanding of the Xtra Hot is that these are a little softer and thus potentially a little better in the bumps and on powder.

At your height and weight I would go with the 175 if not shorter. I have last year's 187's. At that length I did not get the extra stability at speed that I was looking for and they are a little tough to get through the bumps. I'm 6'3" 220lbs and if I had it to do over again I probably would have gotten the 175's.

I could be wrong, but it was my understanding that Salomon is only making these in shorter lengths (165 and 175) this year. To be sure on length and model, if you have a chance, I would try to demo both the hot and the xtra hot in different lengths and see what you like best.

In closing, I really like the Hots, they are my everyday ski for all mountain hard pack conditions. I would check these out before you make a final decision.
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