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Telluride suggestions?

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OK, I'm headed down to T-ride this weekend and they're predicting 12-20" for the weekend, if not more. Does anyone know of some good glade runs or even steeper tree runs? I've never been there so I'd love any suggestions. I'm an expert skier and not really afraid of any terrain. Thanks guys!
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I need a different kind of T-ride suggestion. I'll be skiing there Sunday through Wednesday and I am finally going to be seriously confronted by my inexperience with powder.

My SX:11s are going to be problematic so I'll demo something more suitible.

Should I take a lesson for skiing ungroomed snow? Anyone know a good instructor there?
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John Briner was Fantastic with us.

JB@telluride was his userid however I have not seen him up here in a long time.

Call the ski school and ask for him.
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T-ride Tree Skiing

The trees at Telluride tend to be pretty tight by western standards, so there are many places that are doable, but you need to be on your game. There are very few places you could really call "glades," but lots of steep skiable tree lines.

Off Lift 6, try jumping off the road between "Alias" Alley and "Zulu Queen," or anywhere off "Giant Step" or the lower traverse into "Happy Thought". There are also some good steep trees below the "See Forever" road up towards Gold Hill, jump in on either side of the cool little stone house, but watch for the small cliff band, which has places to ski through it.

Off Lift 9, check out the island of trees between "Kant-Make-M" and "Mammoth," short but sweet. Also "Locals Glade" off "See Forever" and "Log Pile" from the lower entry road and also angling off the "Plunge". When you hit the road at the bottom of Log Pile, definitely try the "West Drain", it is a one of a kind run. You can also angle out to the right of the "West Drain" and find some nice shots. Everything in that area will eventually lead to a road that will take you to a run. At the top of the "Spiral Stairs" take a 90 degree right and ski down under the lift line and keep going. It's tight but has some good shots

Off the Gold Hill Lift traverse past Little Rose to "Andy's Gold". It's gladed, but also bumped. Because of the steepness there tends to be moguals in the trees in places you wouldn't expect. If it dumps, you'll still be skiing bumps, but that's Telluride. Enjoy.
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Thanks dchan.
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Where are you seeing predictions of 12-20" for the weekend!?

NOAA is showing 3-5" possible on Saturday.
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This morning's Avalanche Report for the San Juans is predicting 1-3 today, 5-10 tonight, and another 5-10 tomorrow.
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sounds like 11-23 this weekend!
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Snow-forecast.com is predicting 20-25 inches, and snowforecast.com is saying 12-20+. NOAA.com is pretty close to that forecast too.
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