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Quality/Recommended shop in Summit COunty, CO.

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I'm heading out to Stay in Silverthorne and mainly ski Copper. I was wanting to get some recommendations of shops known for their tunes (ie. they tune the way I want it) and possible demos. I've been wanting to try out some new boards so prob not taking my 10:ex's and trying something new while I'm out there. Anyone have thoughts on some great shops? Thanks!
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I've seen Precision Ski and Golf in Frisco recommended for tunes many times here. I've purchased skis from Baunhoff's in Breck, but have no experience with anyone else out that way. Here's a link that lists some shops, including some in Silverthorne.
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Yeah, Precision Ski in Frisco is da bomb. I'm a newcomer here so take it with a grain of salt, but my experience with them is they are very thorough, very open to whatever you want done, and know there stuff. And several people who know a lot better than me haver recommended them to me.

I'm a happy customer. You get what you ask for, not some generic machine tune.
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There is a Christy Sports in Silverthorne that you might check for high performance rentals. I, too, have heard good things about Precision Ski. They do tunes for some of the magiazine ski tests. BTW, if anyone is in need of a rental I have a 2 bedroom place in Frisco right up against the National Forest that is being rented for us by Colorado Rocky mountain Resorts. If you mention that I referred you (Lew Black) you will get 10% off their best rate. As the Car Guys say, a shameless plug. BTW, is there anyplace on the site to list rental properties? LewBob
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Joel's at vail is a good - quality shop for tunes.
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Precision, definitely. You can even PM bong (on EpicSki) and let him know you're coming. He works there a few days a week. Every instructor I've talked with in Summit recommends Precisions (and now, so do I!).
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I have been going to Prescision for almost 20 years. Until about 2 or 3 years ago they did all the tunning for SKi/Skiing mags big spring ski test. They actually covered all of the skis and got them ready. I guess it just became to much to do, as they keep very busy on there own.

Anyway I have had Jimbo punch boots, repair so many skis I can't remember. They are a first class group, and they give PSIA and professional discounts. They trully are the best in the area, and if you ask them to run them at 1 and 3 degrees, that's what you will get!!!
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Thanks for all the info. Looks like Precision will be the way to go!
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