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Lake Tahoe This Weekend

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I will be heading to Lake Tahoe with a group of buddies this weekend.

We have the itinery nailed down for each day except Saturday. We will be staying in Tahoe City and arriving late Friday. Two of the skiers have to rent equipment that morning, so we may have trouble heading out early.

We will be skiing at Kirkwood on Sunday, Sugarbowl on Monday and Squaw on Tuesday. Where is the best place to go to get good skiing and manageable crowds on Saturday?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks much.

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Keep in mind you are skiing the busiest weekend of the year. You will experience crowds at all resorts. The best thing you could do is to get rentals squared away now. You could end up with limited selection and long waits if you plan to get them from the ski areas. Check with the shops in your area to see if they have demo packages that you can have for the weekend, and pick up the skis before you leave for Tahoe. Best bets for crowds, Homewood, Mt Rose, Diamond, EARLY morning anywhere. Heavenly can be a good crowd beater if you are willing to ski North Bowl and Olympic, but stay away from East Peak and Sky Express. Northstar's Lookout Mtn area is all expert terrain served by high speed quad, and can be a good option on a busy holiday when regular pass carriers are blacked out.

Tahoe is getting lots of snow now, and conditions are great. That should help keep the crowds down (not!). Monday and Tuesday will be much less crowded.
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Thanks Cirque. Keep the snow coming!

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If you are staying in T.C., then head to Squaw and ski Headwall, Granite Chief, and Cornice 2 to avoid crowds. Most of the crows this weekend will be families/blue skiers. Squaw can move the crowds best. Also depends on what type of skier you are, if you like groomed, then it will be a zoo everywhere.
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Granite chief on squaw can get crowded as it is a slow lift. But you should be fine on headwall, siberia express, silvarado, broken arrow. I have never seen the Cornice lift open.
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I'd vote for Mt. Rose, but it's gonna be a zoo with the holiday weekend.

Get there at first chair and break early for libations!!
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Dude, don't go. It's gonna suck. Pbertoewrn sez so. :
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Tahoe Skiing

I live in Truckee and try to ski 50 days a season. There is only one resort I will ski on a Saturday and that is Homewood. It is definately less crowded and has the best views in the area. There are runs where you feel you might actually ski into Lake Tahoe. The tree skiing is superb with many excellent nooks and crannies- especially out of bounds. Also, a stormy weekend is forecast and Homewood and Northstar are the best storm resorts. Northstar, however, would be my last choice on a holiday weekend. One word of warning: when you pull up to Homewood, it doesn't look like much. However, you are only seeing about 5% of the resort. Plenty of terrain above and beyond your field of vision. If you decide to give it a try, a camera is a must in case there is a break in the weather.
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Thanks much for the info. I will come in handy this weekend.

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Pay attention to the weather and lift reports for Sunday....big storm, with big winds that will probably shut down the upper mountain lifts at all of the big boys...

Rose can usually run the Slide Side and Chutes lifts in heavy winds (just call first to make sure)...

on the bright side...the weather might help keep the crowds down!!
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Don't know where you went...

but I was doing laps on Cornice II and Olympic Lady at Squaw, and skiing right onto the lift. The line at KT-22 was only about 3 groups deep. Saturday at about 3pm it began dumping; 6-10" fresh overnight.

Earlier, there was 3-4" of heavy snow on Friday at Alpine Meadows, but it stopped about 12:30 & everyone was gone (or not there yet).

Great few days of skiing; never did catch the crowds.
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Just wait till Monday when they turn us passholders loose. (grumbling about blackout dates)

Glad you had a good weekend Dino. Wish I was there.
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