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Son of,

I'm at crossed swords on doping. UCI enforces with no sensible policy other than to pick someone occasionally to RUIN. that's ridiculous. enforce it or don't. don't enforce at random.

if I were a top cyclist I would probably not dope. but who knows, the pressure there is intense. I think the blood doping and other similar chemical or artificial aids should be banned entirely and all victories stripped. that would make it more sensible.

right now, it's like driving while drunk. so many do it, so few get caught, and of those who get caught, the penalties are so tiny as to essentially beg for repeat offense.
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You are right, but the UCI will always profile the 'Big Name' in any sport, but realy makes me mad there should be a worldwide policy on drug taking.

Take Baseball or Soccer in europe, both have a level of doping control, but no where near the amount in cycling, cyclists might as well form a queue after each race as there is a high chance of a test or random test.

Soccer claims its clean, but im sure testing is very very limited due to the high profile of the sponsors, i believe baseball is the same (sorry not from USA and might be talking crap), i did see on Sky about baseball and steroids and some ball players saying 'leave the players alone' he might as well said its ok to take these steroids because it makes me play better.

But anyway, since the Festina scandal in the TdF with Willy Voigt, cyclist are under extreme pressure to ride well, the season is too long Feb - Oct. YOu can only slightly understand why some riders go to the dark side. Especially when some of the festina riders were having whats called Belguim Mix ' cocaine, heroin, caffine, speed and a few more mixed into a single vial' well so the book said.

All well, if you get caught to take your ban then you get on with life. Im sure david Miller regrets taking dope.

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marcus, you are correct about high-dollar pro sports in America. football (our version, not what we call "soccer") long ago gave up the ghost on trying to reign in steroid and doping use. do you really think that so many American male athletes are as huge as the NFL and top collegiate players just by eating bread and drinking water and lifting weights? negative, negative, no no no. apparently the NFL likes the Mutant Gladiator aspect and doesn't even care who uses what performance/strength/size enhancement.

the most ludicrous substance testing is how UCI tests for THC metabolites among DH racers and mountaincross racers, but NOT XC racers.
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More on Tyler from Cycling News:

The possible fallout from a positive drug test includes a court battle, fines, suspension, loss of career and - for Tyler Hamilton - being 'edited out' of a movie you were supposed to star in. Hamilton's central role in Brain Power, an IMAX film which should have premiered late last year, has been much reduced.

Brain Power is to be distributed by nWave Pictures of New York. In an nWave press release from July 7, 2003, the film is said to explore "the extraordinary processes of the human brain by following world-class, professional cyclist, Tyler Hamilton as he trains and participates in the Tour de France." At a screening of rushes of the film at Cycle 2004 in London in September, Hamilton was featured as the only protagonist.

Fast forward to February 24 and Hamilton is not mentioned in an nWave press release. Instead, Brain Power becomes the "dramatic story of pro-cyclists dealing with the stresses, dangers, and conflicts of the Tour de France."

The film no longer has a central character: "Brain Power will follow several Tour riders as they cope with pain in the high Alps, experience a "fight-or-flight" situation on a steep downhill switchback, struggle to maintain mental focus and wage a constant mental war between extreme exhaustion and their motivation to reach the finish line in Paris."

Two of the cyclists featured in the new cut of the movie - not, it must be said, current Tour de France riders - will be TV commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

The film is now slated for a November 2005 premiere, with general release in Spring 2006. This is more than a year later than originally planned.

I'm not sure how they plan to feature Sherwen and Liggett in this film? probably just relating stories and experiences. Sherwen rode a bunch of tours and finished one with an injury. Liggett, I don't think ever rode as a pro. I think the film makers are crazy to de-Tyler this project - IMO his recent publicity would only add to its appeal to the general public.
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I want so much to believe Tyler will be vindicated...but if he's guilty, this is just the sort of thing that illustrates just how many other people got screwed by his cheating.
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I can't image him winning again, he's too old!
you do not understand Lance.... he can and most likely will win the 05 TDF

Jan is never going to beat Lance he like his big gears and brats too much

scary : to think Tyler may have doped ....I hope not...

and do not mention that whiny cry baby Lemond: in the same sentence as Lance.... Greg was good in his day but he lost any class he may have had when he bad mouthed Lance and accused him of doping.... LEMOND SUCKS:

cycling Rocks:
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Don't forget that Lemond was shot while hunting right in his... well in his prime. Plus,far from having the support of an incredible team like Lance, he had to fight it our with Hinault for his first win.

That said, he should just keep his mouth shut.
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
safe picks, Marcus. I agree but would modify the list in this way merely for whom I'd PREFER to see in those spots...

1st Tyler Hamilton
2d Levi Leipheimer
3d Jan Ullrich
Why does everyone forget about Ivan Basso? This guy is strong and will be right there in the mix this year. I think it's a given that if Lance truely wants another victory, it's his for the taking. I think it's time for Ullrich to step up and quit being the bridesmaid. Question is whether or not he's got the dedication to train hard enough.
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Lance *used* Basso last year. When lance was ready to show the peloton that he could drop Basso, he did so. Lance was SO focused and SO fit and SO prepared last year that he made number 6 *boring*. There is nothing he needed to do to be the heavy favorite for #7 than to show up in something close to the same level of preparedness as last year. "The Breaks" are a HUGE factor in the Tour so naturally he could crash or have an equipment breakdown or whatever and find himself out of contention but he finished #6 with #7 his to lose. The chasm his rivals need to bridge to be competitive with his '05 form, team, tactics, etc. is huge.
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