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Lawn Dart?

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Can you say Lawn Dart?

Someone sent me this via email. I tried to find out who "own's" the video but no one wants to fess up so.. Enjoy.

Lawn Dart
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Is this a Level II demo? If it is I'm in trouble.
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The feet are apart at landing (or impact), I think the French judge will deduct for that.
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he is going to dead.
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Hmmm, diverging tips at the end of the "turn." Nolo, do you have any advice for correcting that problem?
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My favorite part is the sound that he makes landing!
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noticing the imprints in the snow.....the skier obvioulsy likes their technique.... :
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Another testimonial to the benefits of understanding physics.
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This gives a whole new meaning to "cornice jumping".
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I think he has an alignment issue - he would have skiied a lot better if his heels were raised about 10ft (...oh, and his toes, and skis)
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At least he stuck the landing.
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any bets that his boots exploded?
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Wiley E. Coyote goes skiing ... all that's missing are rockets on the skis.
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I'll bet he had one SEEERIOUS case of Goggle Nip!
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Couldn't tell---was his helmet on backwards?
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Kind of a new twist on the old joke "whats the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits the windshield"
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His butt.
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CorTek---is that you?

Still haven't stuck the landing eh?
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He "stuck" the landing alright. I bet it took a backhoe to dig him out.
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Funniest thread I ever read Bears.
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Great intial post. Very funny and got a lot of good comments.
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Its over a year ago, but its still good. BUMP!
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