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Ski Rentals in Reno

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I'm going to be skiing some of the north Tahoe areas (staying in Reno) in mid-march and because of complicated travel pattern I'm leaving my skis at home (I'll haul boots, helmet, etc.). I'm intersted in a shop where I can rent some quality skis and poles (performance, demo not the low end beaters).

I figure it will be easier and cheaper to rent one pair for the three days I'm planning om skiing rather than going through the drill three times at three different mountains.

Any input/advice is appreciated.
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go to Bud Heishman's place, www.snowindsports.com
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Thanks, I'll check this shop out.
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Bud's website is actually www.snowind.com. Bud's a great bootfitter, but I'm not sure how good his rental selection is. I get the feeling he rents to the weekenders in the Hilton more then to the high end crowd. But I'd give him a call to find out, I'm really not sure as I've never rented in the area. If Bud doesn't have what you're looking for try Bobo's Mogul Mouse, they are probably the largest shop in Reno (www.bobos.com)
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