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Waterproof/Breathable Gloves?

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With all the end-of-season sales, I'm looking for a good pair. Any opinions or recommendations?
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Black Diomind Guide Glove -very warm and sturdy
Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove
Swany SX-13/SX-15 (all leather)
Reusch -Well known for padded race gloves

Dakine, Burton, Gordini, and Spyder are some other brands you can check out too. The marmot and BD gloves I listed above are hardcore backcountry style gloves with a long gauntlet. The Swany gloves arent as beefy but will give you better pole feel if that is more important than warmth.
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Do your hands get cold easily? Do they sweat a lot? The thing is, anything using goretex is going to be waterproof and breathable enough so it's up to you as to what you're seeking with insulation. Dakine makes several models that are very rugged, waterproof, breathable and have removable liners so they can function as both a cold weather glove and a spring glove. Check out the Ranger or the Camino (I think). Burton has a couple similar to what I just mentioned. I ski in a spring glove nearly all year so I don't go looking for something with a lot of insulation. The Swany glove mentioned earlier is a good one. Marmot has a nice spring glove out (called The Spring Glove, big surprise) that is almost a little too warm for me. Check it out.
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In the interest of bumping this up, ... Thanks for the suggestions. I was actually looking for real usage feedback, i.e., have you used it?

My hands are above average in being susceptible to cold, and I correct this with a thin liner inside a very warm and very useful mitt. But the mitt I've been using doesn't play well with water at all: If it's snowing, and I press the leather palm of the mitt against snow, say on a lift seat or bar, the show melts, is absorbed by the leather (it may be fake leather), and later freezes in the leather, (i.e., the leather is stiff and frozen) - all this of course happens when the air temp is below fereezing. I treated the leather end of last season.

I've also skied once this year in a rain/sleet/freezing rain mix. There was enough liquid precip that day, that I got one pair of mitts and a second pair of wool gloves completely soaked (wool: you'll have that, but they were all I had with me).

And, this is the last piece of waterproof outerwear I need (have shell and pants), but probably the first I should have acquired. So I'm reading the descriptions of various brands, and I see most of them say something similar to: Cuff/gauntlet/back of hand has membrane bonded to fabric; fingers are leather and are treated with DRW etc.; Removeable/washable liners, or integrated Primaloft, etc., provide the insulation. Is this as good as it gets in the Waterproof/Breathable glove department?
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Kevglove at pmgear on line. Best glove I've ever used and they. I'm ordering another pair just to have a spare. Wettest snow they stay dry but if it's warm and my hands sweat they can actually dry out while still in the glove. Super durable too.

link here
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I just picked up a pair of Spyder leather/waterproof/breathable gloves with thinsulate insulation and they have worked very well this season. Many of the alternatives listed here are probably just as good or better but I only have experience with the Syder.
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I've always had good luck with Goretex gloves... especially by Marmot. My current pair has removable fleece liners and nice long gauntlets with a pittard's leather palm. Removable liners are nice, but can be a pain if you need to remove your glove often.

The Cabela Pinnacle gloves mentioned in another thread look like nice gloves... goretex with a leather palm. At $25 you can't go wrong.
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I'm a glove fanatic...

..and have to second the reccomendation of Marmot's Ultimate Ski Glove. I have the original version...got 'em X-mas of 1999. They use a special leather from Pittards that resists water and remains butter-soft no matter what the leather is exposed to, even after repeated wet/dry exposures. The whole glove is skiier/patrol specific: tough codura backing, just-long-enough gauntlet cuffs, pre-curved box-finger construction, soft fleece inner-lining and Gore-Tex membrane breathability/water-proofness. Throw in the fact that it has instant cache style and the glove is practically a no-brainer. Only problems: finding them and paying the price...about $150 in shops.

In a close second: Hestra golves (especially the Guide Leather glove) and Reusch (any of 'em) gloves.

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Just bought Gordini DAGOOSE Down Mittens while at Utah during 15 days of heavy snowfalls (12/27-1/12) and found them to be about 90% waterproof, and 100% WARM at really cold temps ( 10-20F).

Any glove compare with my scores on my mittens? I prefer more waterproof than warm, since I've learned that water really ruins a ski day!
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I use Gordini gortex goose down mittens in very cold (below zero) temps. I throw a hand warmer in once in a while but even without it, they have been the warmest I've found.
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I'm all about mittens. Same warmth with less bulk, or much more warmth for the same bulk. Easier to layer as well.

BTW, always wear a washable liner glove of some sort.
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I second the Marmot and Hestra gloves.
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I picked up some Cabela's gore-tex / thinsulate gloves after they were mentioned in a thread here:
Link here

Just got back from a week of skiing in Utah, the gloves did great. Kept me warm and dry all week long. Initially I had thought they would be too warm, but they proved excellent at regulating the temperature. Breathed very well when the temps got above freezing.

Saw the exact same pair of gloves at a local ski shop for $70. These are an absolute steal.
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For quality HESTRA is at the top of the list. They make a wide range of gloves. http://www.hestrausa.com/about.php
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Cabela's Pinnacle Glove on sale $24.99! I have a pair they're great in cold temps. I can't personally comment on their breathability. I got them for cold days.
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All right, all of you currently with waterproof/breathable gloves.

How tight is the inner liner of the glove against your fingers? How much airspace/slack/finger room is necessary for optimal function?
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I have been using a pair of Reusch racing gloves for probably 10 years now (no joke). They have held up pretty well, though some of the fingers are starting to wear. I loves these gloves (I remember seeing people with Reusch gloves with duct tape around the fingers).

Of course they are going to work well if you are actually racing, but for regular use they are ok. I will say that in real cold (maybe 10 below) weather sometimes my pointer fingers get cold. I do use a real thin pair of liners that helps out. I have thought about getting new gloves a couple of times, but for some reason I have this attachment to these gloves. Maybe its because they have the US Ski Team logo on them....
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I use the Grandoe Glove Component System (GCS) Can't tell you what they are made of, but its not leather. Nice grip on the pole etc. Comes with a removeable liner. Works well for drying out and washing so it doesn't stink. Never had any problems with the waterproofing, except on Rainy days.
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Cabela's Pinnacle gloves can't be beat for the price and I also use Marmot DriClime liners for my stanky hands...
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