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Yay...my cast is OFF!!!

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Ok so almost 2 months (almost) since injury, one month since surgery and my cast came off today. Doc pulled a HUGE (ok it was only really about 2 inches) pin out of my thumb (blek) and now I'm in a splint for another month and start physical therapy. I have my regimented exercises to do 4xday. I did the first set before they set the splint...then the next at work. Holy Hannah!!!! One of my colleagues peaked around the cubicle when this slightly histarical laughter started. (Its the one step before the tears come when I'm hurt). Ouch dammit!

The good news is all looks good. Uh, well the doc says that, I think the entire hand looks hideous right now. My PT tech rock climbs (like I do when I'm not on skis) so she is telling me to tough it out so I can get on the rock when it warms up.

Whew...baby steps now....baby steps.
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On the road again (to full recovery)...........YES MAAM! Will we ski you in March when we visit?
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That's great news, Rdy2ski. Great news!

Press on with the recovery work and best of luck!
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Damn the PT sounds like a bitch. But I am glad to hear you are making progress. Good luck!
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