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What kind of bindings should I get?

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I was riding a lift with a guy skiing on Salomons with the pilot binding system. He said they felt as if they absorbed some of the impact of his skis on hard pack and ice, like shock absorbers.
I'd like to get that effect on my next set of skis / bindings, if it truly exists. Was he imagining it, or do some bindings actually do that?
I'll consider any suggestions about what to get next.

I'm an experienced intermediate, skiing east coast crud, hard pack, ice and washboard. 6'2", 205 lbs.
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I've got Marker Pistons on my Volant Machetes. I know Marker doesn't have the greatest rep with a lot of people on here and I don't know if it's the binding or the ski, but I don't get any chatter at all. With the system turned to the "on" position, it's supposed to do something to keep your ski rigid while rebounding out of a turn.
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I suspect that damp skis and good lifters impact snow feel more than bindings.

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HardPacked, welcome to EpicSki!

I would suggest demoing ski/binding combinations to get a feel for the different types of sensations that skis can give you. Feel free to ask here for specifics, but I would guess that there are wide range of ski/binding combinations that you would find suitable. The Marker Pistons are specifically designed to address this, but many other components (as dtraub1 mentions) combine to address the effects of vibrations on ski and skier.
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Any Suggestions?

I'm definitely interested in hearing suggestions about which combinations to check out.
I do not want to rely on the opinions of salesmen in stores, but on people who do a lot of skiing.
With the month of March approaching, I should be able to get a good deal, while supplies last. But I need some solid ideas about what to look at.
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Salomon used to have a system called "suspension", it reduced the vibration coming up through the binding. It worked well, but didn't succeed.
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I ski the Marker Piston 1200 on the Volkl 724 Pro. It's a great set up, however the guys at my shop all mount their bindings directly to the the ski ie: the old way. They claim that the Piston calms the pop coming off the turn. I really enjoy that characteristic, but I only know my present set up. It works fine but that pop is a feature that attracts me.
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I went to the ski shop at the mountain where I ski and was told that they don't have many skis available because they've been selling off the demos as they run out of new stock. In fact, they only have two models left in my size, 180, and I don't even know if they're skis / bindings that I'm interested in trying.
The manager made it pretty clear that I should not have waited so long before coming in. Tough luck.
I'm going to rent demos from another shop, off the mountain.
I'm interested in suggestions... I'd like try a setup that will ease some of the pounding my feet get from the washboard, hardpack, etc... I've already got surefoot liners and orthotics in my boots.
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Hardpacked, I don't think you want 180s, given your description of yourself. What kind of turns, terrain, part of the country do you ski mostly? I'm thinking more like 170s.
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