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Child Care

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I will be travelling to Steamboat at the end of March with my wife and two children, ages 5 and 20 months. This is our first real trip to a ski resort with our kids. We plan to put our 5 year old daughter in the all day kids ski program. We're planning to sign our son up for the child care provided by the resort. The resort provides a half day program (either in the morning or afternoon) and a full day program.

We want to spend some time with our son and do not wish to put him in the all day program for 5 days. Has anyone experienced this issue before that can provide advice on a schedule that works to keep the family skiing and spending time with the young one? I know this is a strange question that I am not articulating very well, but surely someone must have come up with a workable plan.

Thanks in advance.
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We have always made reservations for day care for the full day programs for the duration of our trip. Most places we have been have allowed cancellation or adjustments to a reserved day up to the night before a given day, some even mid-morning day of. That has allowed us to guarantee a spot if we feel like skiing or to adjust the schedule if we feel like only a half day or a complete rest day. Assuming your younger child takes a decent nap sometime during the day anyway, you might as well make use of that time for skiing.

And no non-skiing family time on a powder day! Maybe I'm just a bad parent, but someday the kid will understand.
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I think you should plan for the 20 month old to be in full day child care for the 5 days. If you have the reservation, then you can use it, or change if necessary once you are there. If you don't have a reservation and it's a powder day, you are going to be disappointed when you can't suddenly get a space for him. You can always go pick him up early. Also, as I'm sure you know, kids get sick. If he gets sick, one of you may be taking the day off from skiing to spend the day with him.

Our sons, now 7 and 9, had a great time as toddlers in "skicare"- new toys and new kids to play with, and they usually takes the little ones out in the snow to play during the day. Assuming your son takes an afternoon nap, it works well to pick up your daughter from ski school (Pick ups are usually around 3) and then go get your son. You would have play time with him from 3 until bedtime. Alternatively, one of you could pick up the daughter at ski school at 3 and ski a couple of runs with her (kids usually want to jump back on the lift and show you what they can do), and the other parent can go get the son at skicare for some 1 on 1 afternoon play.

Lastly, if you are coming from the east coast, be warned that your children will wake up very early, at least for the first few days. If you are east coasters, you will have plenty of quality play time at 5:00 am, so I think you will be ready to send him to skicare when it eventually opens several hours later. In those years, I felt like we had been up for half a day by the time the lifts opened. Now, my kids are old enough to know that if they wake up early and are very quiet, they can get away with playing with their gameboys for hours until mom and dad wake up. Have a great trip!
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Thanks for the great suggestions. I booked the boy in full day child care for the duration of our stay and will play it by ear when we are out there.

Now I won't have to duct tape him to my back on a powder day
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Good point regarding the adjustment to the different time zone. I was definitely not ready for that during our first trip.
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Our Steamboat "nanny" moved this year, so I am sure we will get a new one next year.

We asked friends in town (for other areas we have taken out an add in the paper) and found a good, qualified, local girl with a car.

In Steamboat we ended up with a great 25 year old that came to our condo at 8:00 so we could have breakfast on the hill, and would drop the kids off at 12:00 for lunch on the hill.

We would then ski the PM with the kids.

This practice started as a cost saving idea, because we always pay 12-15 per hour plus tip them at the end of the week.

So for our money, $60/day for 2 kids and we don't have to get them ready for skiing and they are delivered to the hill.

Like I said, our Steamboat nanny moved, but you may want to consider a web post or add in the paper.
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