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Ski Mag's ski of the year

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according to Dynastar's brochure it's the Autodrive Speed Carve. Looks like Skiing mag gives it a Editors Choice and a Best Buy too so it must be the year of the autodrive.
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Yeah thats right and I have a pair for sale!!
It's the Dynastar AutoDrive SkiCross 66 in a 186cm. It's a helluva ski for those of you that can handle it. 1st $400 takesthem. Brand New still in the plastic.
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The Speed Carve 63 was one of the "Ski of the Year" winners this past season, along with the G31, Mod X Pro and 10.22 BR. Of course, the manufacturers love to get as much mileage as possible out of any of that hype. The Speed Carve is a great ski though.
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"The king is dead. Long live the king: Dynastar has wrested the unofficial title of 'Best Overall Score, All-Mountain Expert' from the rest of the world."

SKI Magazine, Sept. 2001

SKI mag is talking about the AutoDrive Speed Cross.
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Not to slam the ski but do you think that all those two page Ads they run in the Magazine may have helped their score a bit?
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Yeah, but the Speed Carve only has a 63mm waist. Sounds like the ski of the year if you ski groomed trails.

Does anybody actually read Ski or Skiing any more? I've been getting Skiing for free from booking trips with the Whistler lodging bureau and it doesn't seem to have any thud to it. One step up from junk mail IMO.
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I have to agree with what you said about the Speed Cross. It is a fun ski, but with the X-Scream, Axis X and others hanging around, there are better to be had. I thought, after skiing it last year, that it was the closest thing to a X-Scream Series that I had skied, but still not as "well rounded." Too bad that true expert skis like the Powertrac die, while the Cross receives such accolades. Oh well. Just one more reason to try before you buy.
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where can i get a copy of that ski of the year article from the magazine?
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