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Originally Posted by JohnH

You are correct. Spanky's ladder is just an access gate to Blackcomb Galcier.

Gramboh, I don't know the name to that one, but if you hang a U-turn off the Peak Chair, right next to the lift shack, Liftie's Leap is also a fun one.

Harmony ridge is cool. The further around you go (to the left off the lift) the smaller the cornices get. The time I was there during an epic snow year, the first cornice had to have been a 40-50 foot drop and the overhang stuck out a good 20 feet. They blasted it and there were house-sized snow boulder at the bottom of that section. I was lucky enough to be the first one in, and it was sort of surreal. The skiing was so good, that I ignored the fact that it takes you into the bottom of a bowl, and I had to sidestep out.
Actually Spanky's ladder is not to Blackcomb Galcier it is to Ruby,Garnet Diamond & Sapphire Bowls. the access to the Glacier is in a completly different area.

If you climb up Spanky's and enter the bowls you will come out at the trailhead of the Cat Track that is far below the Glacier that takes you back down to ta lower chair (Really long Cat Track)


I think if you take the T-bar up it takes you to the top of the glacier, whereas Spankys gets you to the jewel bowls

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I need to see the topo of the mighty Couloir....2500 vert really???

Tucks is tougher, steeper and slightly a bit more intimidating....just a little?

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The mighty Couloir is at best 1200 vert.....It's almost Wally World but not  quite

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No, I was exaggerating. The 2500 ft. Is to the base of Jersey Cream chair. The 2500 V. Ft. Is the Couloir Extreme GS race which became quite famous. The Couloir itself is 1000 verts! Used to be called Saudan's Couloir after extreme skier Sylvain Saudan. He complained about unauthorized use of his name & they changed the name
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An 11 year old thread that picks up as if it was started yesterday.  Nice.

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