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Nice skis and they are great in bc.
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Exotics review

Hi there,
I have been skiing on Indigo skis over the last couple of years (Salomon prior to that). I skied on Indigo Slalom skis(165cm), AllMountain (172cm) and Twintips (185cm). I can't say a bad word about them, in fact, they rock! each of them is great in their element. they are very responsive, with great directional stability (ie they're not all over the place). Twintips are great in soft snow, clearly awesome powder ski. The twintips are on a softer side, so don't know how they would handle hard pack and ice (but then again, why not use the slaloms or allmountain for it?).

Also, they look great, so people chat you up trying to figure out where you got the pair. they're not the cheapest skis i have ever seen, but if you can afford a pair (or two ) go for it, you won't regret it!
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Don't forget
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The VIST skis are indeed made at the Blossom facility, but by Lucianno Panatti, and it is the former Spalding plant. The new Harts also use the exclusive VIST designs for their line, as Hart offers VIST as the binding engineeered with the skis (But still sells them "naked" without bindings to avoid the "Hostage Plate" scenario).
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I reviewed the Prior Doughboys here last month.
post #66 of 66 is another very very exotic ski producer - well they don't produce skis but "metal saws". It's a bit like Figln - or Firngleiter. I'm going to report back this winter on how they ski (must wait till spring though - these skis ain't neither for powder or slopes, but for extreme spring freeriding).

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