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Exotic Ski Reviews?

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Has anyone tried any of these skis?
Please post any reviews...

4FRNT Skis http://www.4frnt.com/launch.htm
AK Ski: http://www.akski-usa.com
Armada Skis http://armadaskis.com
Black Diamond Skis http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com...intro_skis.php
Boheme Skis: http://www.boheme.fr
BumTribe Powder Skis: http://www.bumtribe.net
Claw Skis http://www.clawskis.com
Drakeboinay custom skis http://www.dbskis.com
Edelwiser custom skis http://www.edelwiser.com
Extrem skis http://www.extrem.se
Faction Skis http://www.factionskis.com
G3 (Genuine Guide Gear) Skis http://www.genuineguidegear.com
Germinaski Skis http://www.germinaski.de
Hagan http://www.hagan-ski.com
Indigo Freeride http://www.indigosnow.de
KEI-SKI GARAGE: http://www.kei-ski.co.jp
Lacroix Skis http://www.ski-lacroix.com
Liberty Skis http://www.libertyskis.com
Masurao Skis: http://www.masurao.ch
MIZUNO: http://www.mizuno.co.jp/ski_skate
Movement Freeride Skis: http://www.movementskis.com
Ninthward Skis: http://www.ninthward.com
Ogasaka Skis: http://www.ogasakaski.com
Phantom Skishttp://www.skiphantom.com/main.html
Pollux Skis: http://www.castor.ch/html/index.htm
PMGear "Bro" Skis http://www.pmgearusa.com :
PrajecktSkis http://www.prajekt.com
Prior Skis: http://www.priorskis.com
REVOLUTION Skis: http://www.rideharder.com
Royal Chamonix (the US brand name for Lacroix) http://www.royalchamonix.com
RTC Carving Skis: http://www.rtc-ski.ch
ScottyBob Skis: http://www.scottybob.com
SnowRider Skis: http://www.snowrider.at/modelle/1069941509
Sporten Skis http://www.sporten.cz/cz_vyrobky.html
Surface Skis: http://www.surfaceskis.com
Swallow Skis: http://www.swallow-ski.com
Trab Skis: http://www.skitrab.com/italiano/main.htm
ZAG Skis: http://www.zagskis.com
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Try http://www.ski-review.com/ they certainly don't cover all the brands listed, but they do have reviews on some Movements, Prior and Zag skis
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I tried the 4-Front (STLs I think) at Squaw back in December....way too easy, soft, wussy...really a mid-level intermediate ski that's for the park...

but they are really cool local guys (from Truckee, CA I think) doing what we all wish we could do so give 'em some love...maybe they'll put something more 'all-mountain' out in the future...if so I'll give 'em some biz..
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Has anyone skied those Bogner skis? Bamboo! ...they must give new meaning to the term "noodle"!! ...and all for only $2000!!
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I saw some skis in a ski shop in Aspen. Zie skis. Made in Switzerland. Looked like titanium and some kind of wood construction. $3,000.00 a pair. Comes with bindings (don't know which ones) and matching poles.
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Originally Posted by Arby
I saw some skis in a ski shop in Aspen. Zie skis. Made in Switzerland. Looked like titanium and some kind of wood construction. $3,000.00 a pair. Comes with bindings (don't know which ones) and matching poles.
They are ZAI: www.zai.com
made by Simon Jacomet, a very well-known "carving"-pioneer from Disentis, Switzerland (I know the guy but have not skied them).

@ Canyons:
I have not skied the Bogner Bamboo but I know the man who produced them. There might be some left at the factory, e.g. with some irregular bamboo pattern on the topsheet and I´ll try to get them for demo
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Lots of reviews of AK's (mainly the No Ka Oi's), PM Gear Bro Models (all 3 flexes), and Drake Boinay's over in the Tech Talk section in the TGR.com forums. Just start searching.

If you have any questions on the Bro Models, feel free to shoot me off any questions to ron@pmgearusa.com and I'd be happy to help you out.
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I just got a pair of G3 Reverends mounted with Fritschi Freerides. Aside from a few "I can't wait to try 'em" runs inbounds here in New Hampshire earlier this week, I can't comment. I'll have them out in the Wasatch several days next week (talk about "can't wait" ;-o) and will post some comments then.

They are, of course, light and turn easily, and they held an edge pretty well in all our New England 'powder'. Given their girth (126-93-114) they ought to float pretty nicely...... Hope the LDS doesn't try to exorcize 'em...
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I've tried Lacroix, and they were great. The new ones are beautiful to look at, too.
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I skied the Armada ARV at 185cm and loved them. I skied them at Snowbird on a 14 inch day and they were trully effortless in the morning of untracked powder, which I would expect with 92mm underfoot, but they were really awesome later in the day in the chopped up powder, they would hold a line beautifully as fast as I was willing to go. In my opinion these were a great powder ski.
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You're missing http://www.odysseyskis.com

Good skis. Cheap, custom flex, understated, made in USA.
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Snowrider, Bogner, Indigo and Edelwieser are all made by vr-ski. www.spezialski.de
Snowrider pionered the market with Reini Fischer producing the first carving skis ever and vr-ski producing them later. The original modell is the 126-80-114 in 162 with 12m radius AFAIK. Produced with this sidecut for many years already. Some spies got them so now all the hyperfunky Metrons B5 are similar. Look up the specs on the different pages. Indigo is the place to go if you want to see all the Sidecuts.

I just ordered a 165 Snowrider Mach SL, a true slalom race stock. When I tested them in different length they all performed absolutely great. Boosting my ski level up significantly. If you get them from the Factory or Snowrider they are very cheap (max price 360 Euros skis only), otherwise you pay up to 3000 Euros for exactly the same. All skis are sandwich. No cap.
The slaloms just go through everything, I have never experienced such a good dampening before. And a 100 days old VR-ski migh still kick the shit out of many other top models. The Fischer Worldcup SC 04/05 (just 5days old, supersmooth edges) could not compete at all in my personal test. Edgehold was better, but everything else not as good.

Nearly everyone who skied VR-skis, loved them. Therefore renting Snowriders is free where I live, they know that most people buy them instantly after testing. They even give you out 3 to 4 pairs for a day, so you can try some combinations of setup and lengts, all on the same day.
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Hagan is said to belong to the makers of the best touring skis, based in Austria if I am not wrong.

Prior produces very good raceboards. And customraceboards too.

You forgot www.Virus-snowboards.de a small factory in Germany who produces very high quality snowboards and nowadays skis too. If you have you perfect sidecut in mind, tell them and they should produce it for you. The higher the number of skis/boards you want, the happier they will be. Since this year they produce the infamous swoard for extremecarving.com people too.
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Handmade (a very limited-series production) sandwich SL, GS race skis
some junior, skicross and allround models as well


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I have the Black Diamond Crossbow in a 171 mounted with Fritschi Freerides. It's my 50% backcountry (anytime I'm going to hit known variable conditions), and 50% resort ski. I have Karhu Jak BC as my pow-dedicated and touring ski.

The Xbow is a stiff ski that begs for input and high speeds - not for tight trees, etc. Open bowls and gullies where you have space for speed and larger turns is where it loves to fly. It will skid turn OK, but if you want to carve, it needs open space. It plows through chopped up snow like a champ.

I reviewed it at http://www.telemarktalk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=689

Like soft skis? Check out Karhu Jak and Jak BC.
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checkracer, any opinion on Duel or Blossom?

peterslovo, have you seen the Jak Team?
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No I have not seen the Jak Team...what's up with it?
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answered my own question by searching on google...nice looking ski and at 100 at the waist, pow-perfect; i'd like to try the PFD (love the name!) The new BC looks really nice as well...interesting that Karhu moved the Jak and Jak BC down to 90 at the waist...

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Originally Posted by cantunamunch
checkracer, any opinion on Duel or Blossom?
I´m almost sure Duel, Blossom, Nava and Black Thunder/Speedlock/Vist skis are all made by Horst Gamper in Alto Adige (South Tirol, Italy) in a former Spalding factory.
Btw, Gamper is the author of the VIST Worldcup plate ("Gampy" written there).
I know the SL, GS and "racecarver" ski. They are excellent performers behaving the way you would expect from a solid sandwich ski. Both the SL and GS are a bit under the worldcup level which is no disadvantage: Gampy knows he can´t afford to pay the Pool money to get into the first league with rights to equipe worldcuppers and he puts his best to these skis which a lower-level racer or any good skier can use.
I have owned the Vist SL prototype for the whole season two years ago. With the WCR 14 plate and VIST 614 binding at .5/87 degrees it was an EXCELLENT ski. It only had to go because I have another SL ski from the (Czech Sporten) factory I´m involved with.

SPORTEN: the Czechs have traditionally produced skis for quite a few renowned brands, i.e. Elan, Head, Stockli and they were Nr. 2 in the world in crosscountry skis in the 90´s.
They developed a standard sandwich SL ski (116-65-19/165 cm) two years ago. When tested with other top skis of all brands by the Czech SNOW magazine the Sporten was among the best three (+ Supersport 6 stars and Stockli Laser Cross) with the best grade for experts and the best versatility!
A highly recommendable ski when somebody incidentally finds it available.

Sporten also produces skis for one very, very renowned freeride brand.

It´s also interesting (and I posted it here im phorum already) that SPORTEN produces Kastle skis for a company in Japan which has the rights for the name (10 years, expiring =?).

One more:

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G3 Reverend

I just skied the G3 Reverend for 3 days in the Wasatch (Utah) backcountry. Holy smokes! The very first turn surprised the hell out of me - sweet and smooth in knee deep powder! And it only got better as I got used to their feel. At 126-93-114, 177 cm, they were able to churn out both short radius turns and hold stable in long arcs.

I also spent 3 days inbounds on them (1 @ Snowbasin, 2 @ Solitude). Two of those days were spent primarily in the bumps. Though the Revs are intended for the backcountry and shouldn't be purchased for inbounds skiing, they were a pleasure - quick, light, and stable.

They were easy to climb in. I have them mounted with Fritschi Freerides and use G3 skins. I skied them with the Garmont Adrenalin boot. The set up is very light compared to regular alpine gear (though relatively at the heavy end of the pool for backcountry touring gear) - it was nice not to feel like my legs were being pulled off when taking the chairlift up (the pain of my Atomic days - nevermore).

Since the G3 ski line is new, we'll have to wait to see how durable they are (I was happy happy that they survived 4 flights in a padded ski bag without damage).
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Anyone know anything about www.guicarflex.com?

The skis don't look like original designs, but the plates are interesting, especially the carving units Hmm. 5mm higher at the heel, is this the norm for this kind of carving plate?
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I doubt its necessary, but I've skied 180 Armada AR5's and 180 4FRNT MSP's if anyone want to know about em.
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You forgot Aluflex : http://www.aluflexski.com/
That's a revival of the compagny who made the Allais skis. Very cool looking (and their monoski is to die for...). According the Skipass review those skis are real speeders :http://www.skipass.com/tests05/index.php?ProductId=299
Avalaible in different flex.
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also there's donek -- www.donek.com

Never skiied any of them. I need to figure out how I can get myself paid to demo skis. That would be brilliant.
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Originally Posted by Big Jim Slade
also there's donek -- www.donek.com

Never skiied any of them. I need to figure out how I can get myself paid to demo skis. That would be brilliant.
That's easy.......be 97% Expert.
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I got out on a pair of unlisted exotics at Breckenridge..an all Carbon ski called Wally (or even wallys)...I think they make yachting carbon fiber hulls primarily and that skis are a vanity production...they were light, easy turning and floaty at Breckenridge. any one else ever ride a Wally??/
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donek raceboards are among the top. Their Freerideboards too. They do not come near Tomahawk or Kessler but beat nearly all normal production boards
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extremecarver-Every heard of compatriot snowboards?
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slider can you do a Liberty review?
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Originally Posted by comprex
Anyone know anything about www.guicarflex.com?

The skis don't look like original designs, but the plates are interesting, especially the carving units Hmm. 5mm higher at the heel, is this the norm for this kind of carving plate?
I have both the Blade and Guicar Flex catalogs but there´s not much more than on their website.
The plates are the memory of the glorious ol´ days of carving when there were about 20 manufacturers of plates in Italy. Guicar was not among the absolute pioneers (nor was VIST, both established as late as 1997) but it somehow managed to survive on the market (though I don´t remember having seen one using the plates - probably in Italy only).

Blade skis are as they write: classic sandwich constructions, probably manufactured in their own facilities.
I can´t imagine who uses their DH and/or SG skis.

The Blade GSX (96.5-65-100) is the last example of the GS philosophy that hadn´t survived with Salomon: tail wider than tip (remember those horrible Sallies 97-66-100 from 00/01 and 01/02?)

At the Munich Show in Feb 2000 Gunter Mader told me that all skis would be that way soon. I never liked the concept. Afaik, they never used it in top-level racing.
That´s all I know. Howgh.
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