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rossi boot fit racer one model (last year model)

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opportunity for good deal on boots, no return policy makes necessary the info on fit. I have a 28.5 measure on a stand pad, need to know how they run lenght wise and any other info which could add to my decision. Also could get soft boot but really in the dark on those. I have contacted rossi and am waiting their reply but they indicate an unknown delayed response due to volume of correspondence. Who better to trust than those with wear experience. "ski often and be happy). the skier formerly known as marcus. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If this is a through the mail deal, I would not jump unless I was sure that the model would fit my foot.

I had a super deal on Rossi Race 1's last season. Dad had a junior racer with fast growing feet. He just wanted the boots out of his locker ..... "make me an absurd offer" .... I couldn't get my foot into the boot and we were supposed to be the same size.

My point is that if you try to stuff a high volume foot into a low volume boot, it may be the "right size" and it still won't fit.

About the best you can do is to try to find a shop that carries the boot and if it fits .... you win. You need to think in terms of foot volume instead of just conventional foot size and that varies with each manufacturer and model.
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I took advantage of a Rossi promo a month ago: Race 1 boots at $130. It didn't seem like a good idea to buy without trying, but the price was nice. Well, I went to a couple of local shops looking to try a comparable Rossi model. I didn't find an exact match, but I did try some. As it turns out, they ship from Vermont, so I called them up and asked about the boots. I had an idea of size: 26.5, from trying other Rossi models and from standing on the sizing plate, and they did have that size in stock, so I went over and tried them on. The Rossi guy couldn't really spend any time fitting me, but we agreed that they seemed to fit, so I went for them. I wore them the next Saturday and was lame into the next week. I went to the local Alpine Shop and the bootfitter blew out the offending hotspot, trimmed my footbeds, and gave me some good advice. Charged $15. I put the thermofit liners in the oven at 180 for 30 minutes and then jammed them into the boots, jammed my feet in after, buckled up tight, hobbled around the house, went outside and clompped around in the snow. Actually, they are now working out OK. I like the fact they are real stiff with a glove-like fit. They are tough to get into and even tougher to get out of, especially on the cold days of late, but, I am developing little tricks to make it easier. It was a risky proposition and I thought I had made a bad deal after that first Saturday, but I got lucky and now I am pleased with the boots and I look forward to fine-tuning the fit. Definitely helped my skiing, by the way, because I think my old boots were too big: Salomon xscreams at 27.5. I picked up a pair of promo 9S slalom skis in 160 at the same time. Woohoo! Talk about carving tight arcs with tight boots! I'm a new man.
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I totally agree that if this is a mail order deal....don't. I have been wearing Rossi Race One's for the past two years and they take work. Don't expect they will just fit. I was in a 27.5 shell and after fitting the Rossi's ended up in a 26. They fit like gloves and perform flawlessly, but you really need to spend some time in them before buying. I'd try finding them in a store first. You could try the race 2 or 3 for a similar fit if there are no one's left. The closest I've found that fits like the Race One and isn't rossi is the Lange L10.

good luck
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